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Well it’s been over 5 years since Rush Information was made live and we have been through lots of challenges, ups and downs but still we are far more to go before we can make this blog a huge informative directory for all possible sources of information. After being away from blogging for nearly 2 years due to my ongoing job responsibilities and future aspirations I had to take a break from blogging but thanks to all my fellow readers, authors (Tashreef, Satyam) who made a significant contribution during this 2 years break and now I am looking positive towards the revival of Rushinformation and I hope like done through the initial 3 years of inception I could deliver the same and keep my fellow readers engaged and happy as always. Like always my top priorities will include debugging Windows, Android Issues (where my mastery lies :)) which most of the users tend to face. My aim will always be to bridge the technical gap between non technical users and technical users by providing the most easiest and simplest workaround. Apart from these we are also looking for some additional niche blogs which would prove really beneficial for the audience.

Well Here’s a Snap of few short success stories that Rushinformation has been able to achieve during a stint of 5 years period :

a) Successfully Ranked Among Top 30,000 World Websites in 2013-2014 (Currently it’s hovering around 2-3 lakhs and we are hoping to get a turnaround soon)

b) 4000+ Facebook Followers, 6000+ Email subscribers, Thousands of post likes over Google Plus, linkedin (Though looking at the social media side we haven’t done much success as we were more focussed towards organic traffic where still today 90% of traffic is accounted for organic traffic)

c) Thanks much to Google Adsense monetization that made it to achieve 1000$+ monthly revenue mark continuosuly for near 3 years (Well these’s stats are old and we hope to get a revival soon for this also 🙂

From now onwards, I would be managing the content, social media and technical SEO part of Rush information along with a team of 4-5 content writers which I hope would deliver their best where we look for a fast turaround and huge audience gathering. Thanks for being a part of Rushinformation family 🙂

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