How to Root Bluestacks : Bluestacks Rooted Version Kitkat

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In my previous posts I have already discussed much about Bluestacks App players and its amazing capabilities to run android apps or games efficiently on windows pc or laptop therefore allowing non-android users to get the experience of android without spending bucks on purchasing additional android device. Frankly speaking Bluestacks is really an awesome application and is one of the best emulators that i have used thus far. It is so perfect that you can enjoy almost every android app or game on your computer smoothly as far as your system meets the minimum hardware or software specifications required by Bluestacks. Till date bluestacks app player has gone under several updates but one thing that it was missing was the ability to run apps that required root priviligies and therefore to help you out here I have mentioned the complete step by step tutorial on how to root bluestacks app player. Moreover with rooting you become the boss of your android allowing you to unleash the power of android on your windows pc or laptop or apple mac. With the rooted bluestacks app player you are free to modify your virtual android device by tweaking its settings, configuring the whole android and much more. Follow the below steps on how to root bluestacks app player.

How to Root Bluestacks App Player : Download Bluestacks Rooted Version

Basically the best way to root your Bluestacks App player is to replace your old existing Bluestacks App player with a pre-rooted Bluestacks App Player. What you need to do is just install the below mentioned rooted bluestacks player in which you will by default get all the root i.e super user priviligies and can easily explore the power of android on your system.

how to root bluestacks app player

Important : Must Read

Here before you can install the rooted bluestacks app player it is mandatory to uninstall any previous versions of Bluestacks from your sytem and while uninstalling it is recommended to keep your old data with you because if incase you remove Bluestacks completely from your system then in the new bluestacks app player you won’t get the Google Playstore within the bluestacks though you can install it via downloading the Google Playstore APK File but still it is better to integrate your old bluestacks data with this new bluestacks to get smooth user experience. Also you may face some technical glitches or performance issues with this Bluestacks Rooted version so TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK

Steps to Follow :

  • Download the Modded Bluestacks App Player from here – Click to Download
  • Uninstall previous Bluestacks versions though while installing this new version you will be automatically prompted for uninstalling any previous version and while uninstalling it is important to ensure that you check the option that asks for save your previous data.
  • That’s it just proceed on with the installation process and soon you will have the rooted bluestacks App player on your pc.

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  1. hi how are you I was reading some of your posts so I hope you can help my problem I am having with bluckstacks the game I’m playing is clash of clans the images are breaking up in some spots so bad you cant see them it worked fine in the older version of bluestacks since its been upgraded to the new the version it sucks thanks for your time


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