How to Fix Error 805a8011 in Windows Phone / Nokia Lumia

Windows Phone OS is the third major contender in smartphone OS market and is growing steadily in last few years. Nevertheless, the Windows Phone devices such as Nokia Lumia are always known for their high quality hardware including camera. The OS is super smooth in functionality compared to other major Smartphone OS available in the market.  However, even with all these features errors are inevitable in almost any smartphone.  And one of the common error in Windows Phone running device is Error 805a8011. Here is a guide on What Error 805a8011 is and how to fix it on your Windows Phone.

How to Fix Error 805a8011 in Windows Phone

The Error 805a8011 is common among Windows Phone users and usually occurs while downloading any app or game from Windows Phone store. Now there is no direct solution for this error. However, you can follow below given methods and try to resolve this error on your own.

How to Fix Error 805a8011 in Windows Phone / Nokia Lumia : Best Fixes

The below given steps should also work for errors like unable to access Email + account option, Unable to access SMS or WhatsApp not connecting to internet and more.

Step 1: Free Storage Space

Most of the time fixing Error 805a8011 takes just deletion of couple of apps and games on your Windows Phone smartphone. If your internal memory is running out of space then it’s recommended that you free some space by deleting unwanted apps and games or content. Do this and see if it resolves the Error 805a8011 in your Windows Phone.

Step 2: Reset your Windows Phone device to fix Error 805a8011

Well, I have been looking for way to resolve this error when the first method didn’t work unfortunately. Though, it has worked for few, so please do give it a try before you go with second step.

In case the first method didn’t work for you, then the only way left is to reset your Windows Phone device to fix  Error 805a8011. Follow below given steps to reset Windows Phone smartphone to fix Error 805a8011.

Note: Before resetting your Windows Phone, remember to take backup of your data.

  • Unlock your device and tap on Settings.
  • Next, under Settings tap on About.
  • Under About, tap on Reset Your Phone.
  • Next, tap on Yes confirming that you want to reset your Windows Phone.
  • Wait till resetting process is over and your phone restarts.

That’s it! In most of the cases resetting Windows Phone smartphone fixes the Error 805a8011. Do give it a try to let us know in the comments below.

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