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To make a professional blog the first and foremost essential requirement is to have a Perfectly balanced SEO Optimization to list higher in Search engine rankings and while researching about SEO Optimization you might have come across the well known popular term “Backlink building” but before we move on to provide How to get free genuine quality 2500+ backlinks lets get started with understanding more about Backlinks scope and there importance in SEO Optimization.Backlinks have been consistently one of the main building blocks towards White Hat SEO techniques, highly responsible for better search engine rankings in all the major search engines that includes World’s no.1 Search Engine Google, Bing, yahoo plus other popular search engines.Read the below given procedure to learn How to Get Free Genuine Backlinks over 2500+ backlinks.

What are backlinks ?

Backlinks refers to all those links that are directed towards your blog or website also known as Inbound links sometimes.The Higher will be the the number of backlinks the better will be the visibility of your website in search engine rankings but not always in such cases the Quality of the backlinks also matters a lot.As compared to other search engine’s algorithms Google gives more credit and preference to a site having Good number of quality backlinks from reputed sites as compared to site’s with fewer backlinks.

Note – You must keep in mind that getting a large number of backlinks doesn’t gurantee that you will have better search engine rankings for that you must ensure that all the backlinks are from High Quality PR Sites.A single backlink from a High PR Site with page rank of 6-8 is far better than getting hundred’s of backlinks from low quality PR Sites.

Importance of Backlink building :

  • Better search engine visibility.
  • Drives a good amount of traffic.
  • Helps in boosting Pageranking.
  • Improves your website alexa ranking.

How to get free genuine backlinks over 2500+ High Quality backlinks ?

Therefore after reviewing about the backlink building and their importance in SEO Optimization here in this article I am going to tell you a very easy and genuine working trick to get more than 2500+ backlinks for your newly created blog tested and verified by thousands of users including myself.Today you will find lots of website’s doing business on the name of backlinks and trust me most of such websites are totally fake and try to make money by cheating with customers so i strongly recommend you to stay away from such fake backlink providers which will not only cost you few bucks but also can harm your overall search engine visibility because Google is strong enough to take down the sites which try to use illegal means for getting higher visibility in search engine rankings.Follow to below given steps to get free genuine backlinks for your website within few seconds.

So here I will provide you with a very safe method to get free genuine backlinks from IMTTALK.ORG a multipurpose website where you can find all answers to your questions related to SEO Marketting and Optimization from their forum.You will find lots of useful tools there which includes IMT Website submitter,IMT Supercharged bookmarks,IMT Directory submitter and much more.Here we are going to use the IMT Website submitter tool to get free genuine backlinks from more than 2500+ quality sites.

About IMT Website Submitter tool :

  • IMT Website submitter is a free online utility tool that can be used to submit your website or blog to more than 2500+ different places.
  • These 2500+ website lists includes mainly “who is”, “about us”, “website statistic”, etc. type of service providers.
  • This tool creates your website pages in 2500+ different sites and in some cases results in providing good quality backlinks.
  • The backlinks includes both Do-follow as well as no-follow links which are being constantly used by the popular search engine’s to enhance the site rankings.

Must read – Important before submitting your website

I have seen most of the users worried about the validity of such tools and their concern is much appreciable even I was too in great doubt whether is it good to try such service or not but later on after a lot search i found that is a trusted tool used by popular web bloggers so I gave it a try and trust me you will not be dissappointed but I strongly recommend you not to ping all these 2500+ websites at the same time this may affect your website visibility though very rare chances.So Try Using the limit option provided with the tool and set it to Top 50 or Top 100 for the first time when you use and then you may later on increase that limit after you are satisfied with the backlink building from these sites.Follow to below given steps to get free genuine backlinks for your website within few seconds.

How to Use IMT Website Submitter tool ? – Steps to Follow

  • Here fill in your website or Blog name with Main keywords of your website and Use the limit feature to set the backlink limit to Top 50 or Top 100 if you are using for the first time as shown below in the Image.

Get Free Genuine Backlinks - 1

  • After filling the details click on the submit button and wait for few seconds until the tool generates the webpages and pings them.

Note – Don’t try to stop or refresh the page while your website is being submitted to these sites.

  • That’s all and you are all done if you have any doubts regarding backlink building then just let me know we will try our best to help you to make good backlinks for your website or blog for free of cost Thanks…
RushInformation recommends Hello Ivy for automating your workflow and project management for free. Learn More

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