How to Find Who is Using My WiFi Wireless Network

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Want to Find or Check who is stealing Your WiFi Internet ? – From Past Few Weeks I have been receiving lots of queries regarding slow down of internet connection speed asking if there is any way to Check who is stealing my WiFi Wireless Network therefore I Decided to Share this Very Interesting Yet Pretty Useful Information through this Article which will definitely Help You Easily Identify the Unauthorized Intruder accessing Your WiFi Internet Without Your Knowledge.The First thing that you will observe when Your WiFi will be hacked is an enormous drop down in Your Internet Browsing and Downloading Speed because now Your Internet Bandwidth will be reduced on Your WiFi Network thus lowering Your Speed.You Should never take this thing merely as a network fault It is better that You should fully confirm first whether Your WiFi is being Used or Hacked by Someone or Not because this will not only result in Slow Internet Speed but it could lead to dangerous Incoming threats or loss of Your Personal Information by having access to Your Shared Folders.So if you are Having a WiFi Internet Connection or Facility then I would highly recommend you to get assured about the Users accessing Your WiFi Facility so here below I am Providing Some Useful Instructions by which You Can Directly Find Who is stealing Your WiFi Internet via Your WiFi Modem or Router.Lets Take a Look at below given Instructions on How to Find Who is Using My WiFi Wireless Network.

How to Find Who is Using My WiFi Wireless Network ? – Different Methods

Manual Method via Router Settings – For Home Users

WiFi Router Provides us with a direct facility to Find out of Who is Using Your WiFi Wireless Network by providing you a list of live attached devices to Your WiFi Internet no matter which company router are you using i.e D-Link,TP-Link,MTNL WiFi Router,Beetel or Netgear etc.Almost all WiFi Router Provides this facility now a days but don’t worry If you don’t want to mess up with Your WiFi Router Settings You can Use the Free Third Party Tool given at the bottom.Follow the below Steps on How to Find Who is Using My WiFi Wireless Network.

Steps to Follow :

  • Open Your Web Browser and Login to Your WiFi Router or Mode.
  • To Login Type or in URL Address Bar.
  • Login to Your WiFi Router by filling the Username and Password with the below given credentials.



Note – These are the Common Login Username and Password for most of the Router but if these login credentials doesn’t work for you don’t worry just look at the User manual provided with your WiFi Router and there you will find all necessary details.

  • After Login Go to Maintenance tab and select attached devices list.

Alternatively – If you don’t find attached devices list under maintenance tab then check Under Wireless Section.

  • There you will see all devices attached or connected to your WiFi.

How to find who is using my WiFI Wireless Network

Note – If you see more than one devices attached or different IP Users then it means that your WiFi is being accessed by someone else.

  • That’s all and You are all done.

Important Tip – If you see unknown attached devices Immediately change your Password as well as the Security encryption Key it is better to Use WPA2 Key changing only the password will not work.Check more on How to Find Who is using my WiFi Wireless network below recommended for Business purpose.

Using Free Third Party Software – Who Is On My Wifi ( For Business Purpose )

Who is on My WiFi is a free third party utility tool used to examine or find Attached devices to Your WiFi Network though I have not tried it personally but you can if you want to.This Software will list you every system connected on Your WiFi Network,Notify you and even allows you to block unauthorized intruders from accessing your WiFi Internet Connection.This is a Pretty Handy Tool specially if you are running a Business where you have setup a WiFi because this will prevent employee’s from plugging their own laptops to access Free WiFi.

Who is Using My Wifi

Note – Who is On My WiFi is basically designed for Business requirements so if you are on home then i would recommend you the above manual method.

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  1. It’s remarkable in support of me to have a site, which
    is good for my knowledge. thanks admin

  2. I cannot find the connected devices list in beetel router. Please help where to check for it


    1. Can you please tell me your Beetel router model number ??

    2. I know its a old question, but in case if you still want to know or if others want to know, then I think the following will work: After logging into your router web link, check

      Setup –> WLAN –> Basic –> Associated Clients: Show Active Clients

      1. I am using MTNL router. please tell me where can i find Connected Devices option in settings ?

        1. Can you please check and tell me about the model of your MTNL router ?

  3. I have been using the mtnl unlimited TriB combo data-597 mtnl plan. I have been downloading a lot of data over the Wi-Fi network.I would be thankful to know if using the Wi-Fi will incur excess charges than 597. please reply.

    1. Nope ravi..Since you are having Unlimited Data Plan…You can download as much as possible…Even in my MTNL plan also most of the downloading happens over WiFi Network..So no issues at all…


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