Best Proxy Server Sites India 2016 : Anonymous Online Surfing

Best Proxy Server Sites India 2016: Proxy sites aren’t something new to the internet world. They are here since a decade and are being used by millions around the world. These little yet sophisticated services come in handy when you are unable to access any particular website like social networking sites including Facebook or Twitter because your country has put restriction on its access. If you are a student who wishes to access any particular website blocked by your school authority then also a proxy site can help you in bypassing it. Another advantage of using proxy sites or VPN (Virtual private Network) is that they keep your identity anonymous so that none can track your activities. So, in today’s  round we will be looking at some of the best Proxy Server sites in India 2016.

best Proxy Sites India 2015

Best Proxy Server Sites India 2016 : Anonymous Online Surfing

To surf the web anonymously, Proxy sites and the VPNs are the recommended tools. Here we have listed best proxies and VPNs available to surf the web anonymously. Get Best Proxy Server for India from here.

  1. HideMyAsss VPN

Best Proxy Server Sites India 2016 - HideMyAss

HideMyAss offers both proxy site and VPN solution so you can choose the one you like. The VPN comes with money back guaranty and the Proxy tool can be used for free.  You can access the HideMyAss proxy tool from here.

  1. TorGuard VPN

Best Proxy Server Sites India 2016 - TOR VPN best proxy

Tor is yet another VPN service, which is recognized by some of the big Tech Ws of the internet. TOR offers secure and anonymous surfing of websites in over 42+ countries across the world. Tor is a premium VPN service, hence if the security is your priority, TOR is the way to go. Access it from here.

  1. Proxify

Best Proxy Server Sites India 2016 - Proxify web proxy

Proxify also has made its name in our list of best VPN services to surf the web anonymously. The Proxify has simple to use interface, where the user enter the web url and can unblock any blocked websites. This proxy site also offers option to select the proxy satellite, remove all cookies, remove all scripts, remove ads, hide referrer information, show URL entry form, remove page titles, minimize caching and more.

So, these are some of the well know and popular best proxy server sites. You can find few more similar kind of proxies in the list mentioned below. Note that, we have mentioned only secure proxy sites with https protection for secure browsing.

Best Proxy Server Sites 2015 : Detailed List of Best Proxy Server Sites India

  1. Proxy Site –
  2. Unlock My Web –
  3. Working Proxy –
  4. Rapid Proxy –
  5. The Best Proxy –
  6. Free You Proxy Tube –
  7. Extreme Proxy –
  8. Monster Proxy –
  9. Proxy One –
  10. UK – Proxy –
  11. World Cup Proxy –
  12. Hide The Internet –
  13. Web Surf –
  14. Proxy Power –
  15. SSL Proxy –
  16. Private Surf –
  17. Proxy Tube –
  18. Cool Proxy –

So, these are the best proxy server sites India 2016. By using them you can always unblock blocked websites easily. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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