Dropbox Tricks 2014 : Get Free Space, Direct Download link

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Dropbox is a leading cloud storage service provider through out the world offering the best online data backup service and file sharing facilities to millions of users. Dropbox offers the simplest and very elegant user friendly interface to its users providing the best file synchorization and sharing facilities giving you access to your files 24/7 no matter from where and when you are trying to access. As compared to the popular online data backup service Dropbox offers incremental backup which records only the changes made since the last incremental backup, which makes for faster backups that require less space. Moreover these backups are continuous and fully automatic so you don’t need to worry anymore. Apart from providing the backup services, the best part of using dropbox is the sync and file sharing that allows your folders or files mirrored to your other computers and devices so that you can access all your stuff from any of your devices without the need of transferring files from one computer to another.

Dropbox at present is available in both free as well as paid subscription where free subscription allows for 2GB of storage space on every new signup. You can even use the Dropbox app available across different OS platforms to get instant access to your dropbox account as well as to fasten the process. Currently there are millions of users who are using Dropbox and sharing files over the internet from dropbox to everywhere around the world. Therefore here in this article I am going to share some of the best useful dropbox tricks 2014 which will add a new life to your dropbox experience. Just refer to below mentioned Dropbox Tricks 2014.

Dropbox Tricks 2014

Best Useful Dropbox Tricks 2014 : Latest Tips and Tricks

1 – Get Free Storage Space upto 25GB in Dropbox :

As we are all aware of the fact that Dropbox offers 2GB of storage space on every new signup which is quite low for heavy users and even more difficult to pay to opt for paid subscriptions therefore here i am going to provide you how you can get free storage space in dropbox and that’s all for free of cost. With these simple procedures mentioned in the below given link like referrals, promotion of social networking sites etc you can earn upto 25GB of free storage space.

2 – Get Direct Download link for Shared Files Dropbox

Many users who love sharing files over internet via Dropbox are always looking for a way to get direct downloadable links for the files they share on dropbox to enhance the user experience and avoid the hassle. Therefore here below is a simple trick by which you can easily get direct download link for the shared files on your dropbox account.

  • First of all Get the Dropbox file Sharing URL which will look something like https://www.dropbox.com/s/abcsdafasfa/Games.pdf
  • Here in this URL replace the www with dl and dropbox with dropboxusercontent as shown here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/abcsdafasfa/Games.pdf
  • Just use this modified URL and you will be now having a direct download link for shared files on dropbox.

3 – Favorite Files for Offline Reading :

This is one of the most interesting feature of dropbox of which most of the users are still not aware and therefore here i am sharing with you. If you are having dropbox app installed on your Smartphone and if you tag your images or documents as “Favorite” then Dropbox app does two things – First it adds those files to your Favorite’s tab for easy fast access and Secondly it saves those files on your system so that you can access them when you are offline.

4 – Save Hard disk Space via Selective Sync :

Dropbox Desktop application offers unique Selective Sync feature by which you can easily select or check only those folders that you want to be synced to your computer which will eventually help you to save your hard disk space by ensuring that you have access to only those files that you want on your system rather than having all the files.

  • To Enable Selective Sync Feature Just Go to Your Dropbox Application -> Preferences -> Advanced Tab -> Change Settings -> Check or Uncheck the folders that you want to be synced with your computer.

Dropbox Tricks 2014 - Selective Sync

5 – Extra Layer of Security Benefits :

Because of the increasing cyber crime activities, illegal hacking activities it is highly advisable that you should make sure that your dropbox account is safe and can’t be easily hacked. To do so Dropbox provides users with an additional extra layer of security which users need to manually enable it from the dropbox security settings. Once this security level is enabled Dropbox will then require a six-digit security code in addition to your password whenever you sign in to Dropbox or link a new device.

  • To Add this Extra Layer Visit Dropbox Official Site -> Login to Your Account -> Select Settings -> Click on Security tab -> Under the Account Sign-in section Just Enable Two Step Verification

Dropbox Tricks 2014 - Extra layer of Security

  • That’s it you will be asked to re-enter your password and enable two step verification after which you will given the choices how would you like to recieve the two step verification code and just select the right option as per your level of comfort.
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