Internal Storage Getting Low Automatically Android : FIXED

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 Today you will find more than 70% Users using an Android Smartphone rather than having a simple java or Microsoft windows phone which is becoming quite common day by day especially in Youngsters as well as Business Individuals and there will be no surprise in saying that we are not that far away from the day when Google Android OS will make all other smartphone OS Obsolete in the nearby future and the Success of Google Android OS in such short span of time not only includes a single reason but a list of various good reasons out of which the most common is the availability of millions of apps and games with thousands of apps being released daily on Google Playstore.But as you know with each thing there comes positives as well as negatives and so as with the Google Android OS and one of the most common problem that is often faced by the Android Users is Internal Storage Getting low and this problem is not only seen in Smartphone’s with low internal memory but also faced by users using smartphones having as much as 12GB of Internal Memory which is quite shocking

Internal Storage Getting Low Automatically Android!!!! – You have often seen that your Internal Storage memory is much larger than that of the Space or memory used by the Apps or games installed on your device still facing the Internal Storage memory getting low and you often stuck with thinking what’s eating up your entire memory space and that’s where you need to look upon and manage your smartphone so as to save the Internal Phone Storage memory for further usage.Therefore don’t worry if you are facing the same issue I am here with you to discuss some interesting methods by which you can easily free up your Internal Memory upto as much as 4GB or even more depending upon your mobile data and its application settings.So lets discuss these methods one by one.

Problems Associated with Internal Storage Getting Low Automatically :

  • Having low on internal storage memory restricts you from installing Over the air updates on your Android Device.
    • It also causes syncing problems with your email contacts,calendar and events organizer if your internal memory is too low.

Internal Storage Getting Low Automatically – Best Ways to Fix it

Method – 1 : Managing Lost.dir Folder

Lost.dir is basically a System folder that is used by the Android OS for storing the files that are recovered during a system boot up also it copies all files in this folder if you were saving files on your device and accidentally turned off the device or removed the SD Memory card while the files are being written to the Memory card so that they can be recovered later on the next time you boot up your smartphone and this will eventually cause eating up of your Internal Phone memory.

Also if you frequently connect your Smartphone with your PC or laptop for transferring files between the two devices then there are huge chances that you will find a lot of memory space occupied by Lost.dir files which leads to Internal Storage getting low error.

Now the question arises is it safe to delete the files from Lost.dir Folder ?

The answer is absolutely Yes, Yeah you can delete all the files from the Lost.dir folder without having any issues with your smartphone and is completely safe procedure which will help you to save as much as 1-2GB of space depending upon your smartphone usage.

How to Control this excess memory space used by Lost.dir files ?

Deleting the Lost.dir files each and every time is not a very convenient option therefore in such cases it is better to follow some measures so as to minimize the space used by the lost.dir files and one such measure is to always use the Safely Remove USB Device or Eject the Device safely and also never try to pull your SD Memory card while in between the data transfer process this will lead you to increase in space of lost.dir folder.

Method – 2 : Managing Thumbnails in DCIM Directory

It is often seen that your DCIM Folder where the Gallery Images or videos are stored keeps on Increasing in size automatically even if you have not taken any pictures or videos from your device and it happens because the Thumbnails files are created automatically with passing time by the dafault gallery whose sizes are much larger than that of the actual images captured from your device.

How to manage these thumbnails ?

  • One simple and temporary way to manage these thumbnails is to delete these thumbnails manually from the DCIM Directory i.e SD Card/DCIM/.thumbnails folder.
  • You can also try replacing the Default gallery of your device with some other gallery app and one such Popular App is Quickpic

Internal Storage Getting Low Automatically - Quickpic app

Method – 3 : Moving Apps from Internal Memory to SD Card

This is thus far the best and effective way to solve the Internal Storage memory getting low error by moving the apps directly to SD Memory card and thus freeing up the Internal memory by a huge amount but to move most of the apps including system apps to SD Card the Android device is required to be rooted although Apps can be moved to SD Card without rooting too but it is not that much effective so it is better to safely root your Android Device and then move your apps from Internal phone storage to External Memory.

How to Install Android Apps Directly to SD Memory Card – No Rooting Required

How to Move Installed Apps to SD Memory Card – Without Rooting

Method – 4 : By Clearing Unnecessary Cache and Residual files

Temporary and Junk files are also created in Android Devices similar to that in case of Windows PC so it is necessary to take care of such files because they tend to occupy large amount of unwanted space with passing time therefore you can save a lot of Internal memory by clearing your old cache,history,logs and unnecessary residual files regulary and one easy way to implement this is by Using World’s popular App known as Clean master which not only helps in Clearing cache and junk files but also act as a Memory Booster.

  • Install Clean Master App on your Android Device from here

Internal Storage Getting Low Automatically - Clean Master App

These are the most commonly used methods for saving Internal memory space and if you know any other useful method that I have missed then just let me know by commenting below and i will update it in my article.

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