How to View Saved WiFi Password in Android / iPhone iOS

Want to retrieve saved WiFi passwords from your Android or Apple iOS device !!! – If yes, here is a complete step by step tutorial on how to view saved wifi password in android or in your iOS device. This can be really helpful if someone else has connected your device with a WiFi network and you don’t know that password and at the same time willing to use it on your other devices too. This is where this article might prove useful for you. So just check out the below given instructions on How to recover wifi saved password in android.

How to View Saved WiFi password in Android : Steps to Follow

In order to recover saved wifi password from your android device you need to go through a simple straight forward process where we are going to retrieve all the saved WiFi passwords from your android device by accessing the root files of your android system data. Therefore for this you need to first have a file explorer installed on your system and here I would prefer ES File explorer. Follow below given instructions on how to find saved wifi password in Android.

Note – The below given method requires rooted android device for some smartphone’s though it does work without rooting also but for few smartphone’s.

  • First of all Install ES File Explorer on your Android device – Click to Install
  • Open ES File explorer and Go to Data folder -> misc folder -> Select wifi folder -> here under wifi folder you will find a file with name as wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Just select this wpa_supplicant.conf file and open it with any of your editor and you will see something like below screen shot.

How to View Saved WiFi Password in Android

  • Here you have to concentrate on these following lines and note down the values given for psk which reflects your wifi password.


ssid=”Your WiFi Name”

psk=”WiFi Password



Note – Please don’t make any changes within this file esle you will have to face wifi connectivity issues.

  • That’s it you are now having the stored WiFi password with you.

Alternatively :

  • If you have a proper rooted phone you can use the Root Browser App as your file explorer and there you can search for the same file in the system directory i.e data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf and check the stored wifi passwords within this file.

How to View Saved WiFi password in Apple iOS : Steps to Follow

Like the rooted android device phone here also you should have a jailbroken apple device and then only you can recover saved wifi password from your iphone device. You have to install nifty tweak i.e Network list from cydia store. After installing this just go to your WiFi settings and there you will see a new option as Network passwords or Known passwords depending upon your Apple iOS Version. That’s it from here you can recover saved wifi password in apple ios.

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