5 Best Selfie Apps For iPhone iOS / Apple iPad

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Selfie was the official Internet word of 2014 and why not. Selfie has become a kind of trend among all age group of people nowadays who use social network or messaging services. This trend was so popular that few brand came up with Selfie stick Idea which allows the users to take perfect selfie with a good view.

Best Selfie Apps for Iphone iOS

Since the craze for taking selfie was so much that, developer didn’t want to miss such opportunity to  create some great apps which can enhance users selfie taking experience. However, there are so many Selfie Apps for iPhone  that you might just spend your entire day trying them out and deciding  which one is best among all. Just to make things bit easier for you, here we have listed the 5 best selfie apps for iPhone Apple iOS running iPhone and iPad. Check the list below to find the best suited apps for your needs.

5 Best Selfie Apps For Apple iOS / iPhone / iPad

1. Picr – Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

Picr is a unique app which asks the users to take a picture everyday and create personal movies as well. However, the app also comes with ability to click a great selfie and then edit them according to your need. The app was recently updated to new version which added new camera features such as Timer, Smile & Shot, Crop Tool etc. It also comes with new Gallery Design, Photo Detail Page, ability to upload your pictures directly to Dropbox account. Picr is a free to download App with In-app purchase.

  • You can download it from iTunes here.

2. CamMe – Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

CamMe is one of the most popular selfie app available for iPhone and iPad users right now. Utilizing clever hand gestures, this cool and ingenious app is for the new age of the Selfie!” CamMe is a hand gesture camera app which allows to take great selfies without even touching the mobile thus making your selfie taking experience much better as you don’t have to bother about touching your device for clicking purpose.

The app also comes with a features like PhotoBooth – allows the users to take several photo sequentially, CamMe FunShot – allows the users to enhance pictures with a library of fun scenes cutout and locations.  However, both of these feature are only available in In-App purchase.

  • Download CamMe from iTunes

3. Perfect 365 – Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

Perfect 365 is yet another selfie taking app, but comes with lots of customizing options. This app allows the users to apply make-up, remove blemishes, whiten your teeth and smooth-en your complexion. It is a free to download app but comes with in-app purchase for more feature if you want.

4. Frontback – Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

Frontback is yet another selfie taking apps for iOS running devices.  The unique feature about this app is, it lets you use your dual camera so that you can take pictures from front and rear camera simultaneously in a single selfie.

  • Download FrontBack from iTunes

5. oSnap – Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

oSnap is a simple selfie taking app and does not come with too many customizing options. However the good thing about this app is that you can change the camera mode from front to rear with a single flip. You can tap anywhere on the app to take picture and also adjust flash with a single swipe. This gesture controlled apps makes the selfie taking experience simpler.

  • Download oSnap from iTunes.
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