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Google Assistant will support 30 new languages by early 2019

Google’s answer to Siri and Alexa , the Assistant in Android smartphones, tablets and Google Home speakers, is to expand to more languages by the year’s end and to expand to more than 90 percent of all compatible Android smartphones, quoted Google. it is soon to become polyglot so that users who speak multiple languages […] Read More

5 Best Selfie Apps For iPhone iOS / Apple iPad

Selfie was the official Internet word of 2014 and why not. Selfie has become a kind of trend among all age group of people nowadays who use social network or messaging services. This trend was so popular that few brand came up with Selfie stick Idea which allows the users to take perfect selfie with […] Read More

Best Free iOS Apps of All time

iOS formerly known as iPhone OS is a mobile based operating system developed by Apple for apple iPhone series. Also used in iPod touch , iPad and Apple TV . iOS is designed to be used only on Apple Products .Currently iOS version 6.0 is the latest version to be used in Latest  Apple iphone […] Read More