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Google Assistant will support 30 new languages by early 2019

Google’s answer to Siri and Alexa , the Assistant in Android smartphones, tablets and Google Home speakers, is to expand to more languages by the year’s end and to expand to more than 90 percent of all compatible Android smartphones, quoted Google. it is soon to become polyglot so that users who speak multiple languages […] Read More

Google to Launch Improved Android Camera App Soon : Report Says

As per the latest reports received from Engadget states that all the Android Users may see a series of new features with lots of improvements on their devices’ stock camera app shortly.It has been reported that Google is currently working upon the development and improvement of their default Stock Android App and hopefully we could […] Read More

How to Share Google Drive Download Links For Uploaded Files

How to Share Google Drive Download Links For Uploaded Files : Cloud Storage is thus far the best means of Securely Storing all Your Valuable Important Data  on a Remote Database without having to fear anymore about losing data as there was in Hard Disks,CD-DVD’s etc.There is no 100% Guarantee that your data will be […] Read More

Google Chrome Multiple Profiles – Add Multiple Profiles

How to Fix Invalid Server Certificate Error in Google Chrome Do You Want to Add Multiple Profiles to Google Chrome ? – So Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you How to Add Multiple Profiles to Google Chrome.I have Seen Most of Users on Google Chrome wants their Different Profiles i.e Different Set of Extensions,Their Custom themes,Custom Data or Bookmarks therefore they […] Read More