WordPress SEO Title Not Working Fix for SEO Yoast

How to Fix WordPress SEO Title Not Working for SEO Yoast: WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plug-in available for WordPress currently. It is recommended and used by millions of WordPress publishers worldwide and comes with great set of features, which allows you to SEO optimize your blog posts. Apart from helping you in making your blog post SEO friendly, It also offers additional features such as ability to add XML sitemap to your WordPress blog, add meta verification tag to verify your blog with Google Analytics, Bing analytics, Alexa rank, webmaster tools etc. Even though SEO Yoast is a useful plugin, it is not immune to errors. And one such most common and irritating error is title not working error. So, in today’s round we will be looking at the causes and the available fixes to fix this error in WordPress. Read below WordPress SEO Title Not Working Fix for SEO Yoast.

Wordpress SEO Title Not Working Fix for SEO Yoast

Causes of Title Not Working error In WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin :

There are several causes for the occurrence of title not working error in WordPress. This error can occur if you have enabled force rewrite title feature in Yoast plugin, or if you have some codes missing from your themes header. This error can also occur if you haven’t added proper formatting in title templates. Whatever be the reason, follow below-given methods to fix wordpress seo title not working error in WordPress.

WordPress SEO Title Not Working Fix for SEO Yoast : Steps to Follow

As I said, there are several methods available for this fixes. So, we would recommend you to go through each one of them until you fix title not working error in Yoast SEO plugin.

Method 1: Uncheck Force Rewrite in SEO Yoast

Yoast SEO plugin allows the publisher to enable  force rewrite titles feature. By doing this Yoast plugin will force rewrite the title if there is a need to do so. However, sometimes this feature can also cause title not working error. Now if you have recently enabled force rewrite feature in Yoast SEO plugin settings then simply uncheck the  “Enable force rewrite titles” option from Titles and Metas >>  General section of the plugin settings.

Uncheck force reqrite option

Once done, go back to the dashboard or home page and see if this has resolved the error.

Method 2: Put %%title%% in Post and Page Type

By default, Wordpress comes with several post types including post, page, revision etc. However, users can also define their own custom post types. For some users putting %%title%% in their post and page titles has resolved title not working error. So go to SEO Yost > Title and Metas  > click on Post Types tab and in Posts and Pages section put %%title%% and save the settings.

put title tag

Method 3: Add Title Tag Manually

If the above methods don’t seem to work then you can try adding the title tag manually to your header. All you have to do is replace below given code with everything between <title> and </title> from header.php.

Note: Make sure that you take a full backup of your theme before attempting  to edit anything.

So go to header.php and open it. Next, replace everything between <title> ….. </title> with  <title><?php wp_title(”); ?></title>.

Try the above-given methods to fix the title not working error in Yoast SEO plugin and let us know you thoughts in the comment section below.

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