Error 505 “Unknown Error Code During Application Install” Fix

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Earlier in our articles we have already covered some of the most common android errors especially related to Google Play store like Error 403, Error 905 etc. and today here I am going to cover another popular Google Play Store Error 505. The error usually occurs while trying to download or update apps from Google Play Store. So just follow the below mentioned fixes in order to Fix Error 505 Google Play store Unknown Error Code During Application Install.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 505 during Application Install – Steps to Follow

Google Play Store Error 505 is becoming more and more common these days affecting multiple apps installation from Play store. Moreover this issue has been reported widely on devices using the latest Android 5.0 lollipop version apart from other older android versions. Therefore considering this here below I am providing you with appropriate resolution that you can apply in order to fix the issue. There can be various instances for facing Error 505 like while trying to update apps from Google Play store or while trying to install a new app from Google Play Store. So according to the different instances approach for fixing the issue also varies.

Major Solution : Must Read

  • If you are facing the issue after updating your android version to 5.0 lollipop then a factory reset immediately after the update get help you to get rid of Error 505. So a Factory reset after the update has resolved the issue from most of the users and therefore you can also give it a try.
  • If still after trying the factory reset you face the same issue or in case you haven’t performed the factory reset or don’t want to do the factory reset then you can try the alternative fix. Try updating or lowering down your current Adobe AIR Version.
  • Also trying to perform an adb uninstall for the applications that are causing the issue has proved to work.

Fix – Try Clearing Google Services Cache / Data

The best and easiest proven method for getting rid of these frequent Play store errors is to clear old cache and data of Google Services like Google Play store, Google Services Framework etc. Follow below given steps in order to clear Google Play store cache.

  • Open your Android Device Settings -> Go to Applications -> All -> Scroll down and Select Google Play Store from the list of applications.
  • Here Click on Force Stop -> Tap on Clear Cache and then wait for few seconds. That’s it and check if you still face the same error. If you still face the same issue then proceed to the below steps.

WeChat Error - Clear Play Store Cache

Note – If you still face the same error try to repeat the same procedure for clearing Google Play Service and Google Services Framework cache.

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