LeEco Le1s Overheating, WiFi, Poor Network, App Crash Fix

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2016 Year can be regarded as one of the auspicious year for Mobile Gadget launches, it’s been just 3 months and we have already seen some of the best android smartphone launches and that too by different mobile manufacturer’s viz Lenovo, Xolo, Xiaomi and not to miss LeEco. Among all the companies LeEco has taken aback everyone in India with its surprising launch of Le1s smartphone in January 2016 which saw an overwhelming response from Indian audience with over 6 lakh registrations for its first sale on 2nd February and over 9 lakh registrations for its second flash sale which concluded on a bang with 95,000 Le1s handsets being sold within just 20 seconds. Check Below for LeEco Le1s Common Problems and Fixes.

Those who were lucky got a chance to grab LeEco Le1s (Earlier known as LeTv Le1s) during their first two flash sales but there were lot who couldn’t complete their purchase due to insufficient stocks which was quite surprising for a Company that has just introduced their very first smartphone in India market. But considering the overall specifications and features offered and that too at a competitive price of just Rs 10,999 LeEco Le1s made a successful entry into Indian mobile market. LeEco Le1s is giving a very stiff competition to all the recent mobile launches viz Lenovo K4 Note, Gionee S6 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

LeEco Le1s Fixes

How to Fix LeEco Le1s Problems like Overheating, Battery Drain, WiFi Poor etc ?

Overall LeEco Le1s is a great phone but there are few bugs or you may say issues that have been found reporting for LeEco Le1s from some users. Though there’s nothing to worry about these issues as facing issues have become a very common trend for majority of the phone launches. Some of the common problems that are faced by most of the android users includes Overheating, Battery Drain, Poor WiFi connectivity, Poor Network strength and App Crashes (Whatsapp, Subway Surfers, WeChat, Clash of Clans crash). Therefore taking into account all these major issues here below I have compiled a list of possible fixes that you may apply to your newly bought LeEco Le1s Smartphone in order to get rid of the issue as soon as possible.

Important : Must Read

You must note that if you have recently bought LeEco Le1s from Flipkart and started to face major issues like excessive overheating or not connecting to WiFi then you should get your phone replaced under Flipkart 30 days replacement guarrante or get your money refunded. It is better to get it replaced rather than trying to found some temporary solutions. What I would suggest that have a go through about all the news from LeEco like if they say they have identified a bug or some sort of issue which can be fixed by applying software patch or software update then it’s quite fine but if the issue hasn’t been identified by LeEco officials then best approach is to call for a replacement.

Fix – 1 : For LeEco Le1s Overheating Issue

Overheating is quite common in all the android phone’s therefore you shouldn’t worry about Overheating unless your phone is getting heated without any running applications or without any usage. If you carry out multiple tasks or play intensive games then it’s pretty common for any phone to get heated especially if done continuously for longer duration.

In order to fix overheating what you can try is to avoid playing games continuously for long duration and give phone reset for 5-10 mins or battery try restarting your phone and let it be in OFF state for 5 mins (if it gets heated very much) so that the battery gets cool down. You can also try apps like Battery Temperature Guard or Cool Down Phone. Always keep checking for a software update from LeEco end because most of the time overheating cases have been fixed by applying a software update or software patch as seen in devices from Xiaomi earlier last year.

Fix – 2 : For LeEco Le1s WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity depends on lot of factors and in most of the cases I have found issue from the WiFi router end itself. Every WiFi router has its own security settings like some have WEP security whereas some have WPA/WPA 2 security and this security sometimes affect connectivity with WiFi enabled devices.

Therefore first ensure that the WiFi connection to which you are trying to connect is accessible on all other devices and they are able to make smooth connection. If not, then check with your WiFi router and if yes then you have to check for issues within your LeEco Le1s device. Try changing between Flight mode ON and OFF sometimes this also helps to catch WiFi connection if the device is not detecting WiFi signal. Try installing Custom ROM v5.0.0117E this has proved to benefit the users most.

Fix – 3 : For LeEco Le1s Application Crashes

Application crash can occur due to several reasons i.e. you have not downloaded or installed the application properly, the application doesn’t support your android device, the application has got corrupted. So in application crashes first step is to clear Application cache and data by going to Settings -> Applications -> Select All -> Select the App -> Proceed on with Clearing Cache and Clear Data. If this doesn’t work out then try to download and install fresh updated version of that particular application. Also if you are facing errors like Google Play Store Error 923, Google Play Store Error 403, Google Play Store Error 495 etc. then click on the link itself to check how to fix the issue.

Fix – 4 : For LeEco Le1s Battery Drain Issue

Battery drain is a very serious issue especially if your phone is having Internal battery i.e. Non removable battery because a serious battery drain issue in such phones arises due to a faulty motherboard or internal hardware issue. Therefore if you see too much battery drain then it is recommended to get your device checked with nearest LeEco service center. For normal battery drain issues you can try removing bloatware apps, use your WiFi connection or Bluetooth connection only when and if required, Try using Battery Saver Android apps (they really works as per my personal experience).

Fix – 5 : Poor Camera Quality / Blurry Image

Camera in LeEco Le1s is okay okay not very good and not that much bad. Therefore don’t expect to get crystal clear image quality. You may get blurry images depending upon the surroundings and environment condition where you are trying to click photographs. Try to capture photographs in sufficient light and see if you get blurry images or not. If yes, then your device requires a service center visit.

Fix – 6 : Poor Network Signal Quality / Strength

Network connectivity issue (Frequent call drops) is a very broad case and can occur due to multiple reasons. If you are having a poor network connection then it doesn’t mean that you are having issues with your android device. It has been found that most of the time the network carrier is the main reason behind poor network connectivity issues. Therefore before blaming your smartphone talk to your Network carrier and ask them for a network connectivity solution particularly in the area where you are living. Also update the Network carrier settings on your android device and hopefully after updating the settings you won’t face the same issue again. Thanks!

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