Best Stock Market Apps for India Sensex / Stock Trading

New to Stock Market and trading? Or an old bull of the stock market? Doesn’t matter what you are when it comes to technology. Those trading in the stock market needs to stay up to date with the latest happening in the stock market. And the popularity of smartphones has made it easier than ever before. There are several smartphones apps that help you track the stock market trend with just a tap. These stock market apps for India can provide details on latest prices of commodities and also enabled you to control your stock profile. In this post, I will be showing you the best stock market apps for India Sensex and Stock trading. Some of these best stock market apps are available on all mobile OS, and some are restricted to iOS and Android only.

Best Stock Market Apps for India Sensex / Stock Trading : Top Stock Market Apps

1 – Moneycontrol’s Markets on MobileLet’s begin with Moneycontrol’s Markets on Mobile. Why? Because this app is available on almost all the major mobile platforms including Symbian, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The Moneycontrol’s Markets on the mobile server as an excellent app for investors, traders or the beginner learning the tips and tricks of the stock market. It allows you to manage and track your investment profile with ease. It also shows a live market trend from various stock market-related channels.

Moneycontrol’s Markets on mobile stock market app

2 – Stock Watch – Android OnlyStock Watch is a Android-only app, so you won’t find it on your favorite mobile platform if it happens to be other than Android. It is one of the highest rated stock apps in Android store and allows you to keep an eye on the Indian and global stock trends. So, Stock Watch is one of the best stock market apps for India.Stock Watch stock market app

NSE Mobile Trading – The NSE Mobile Trading App is also one of the best stock market apps for India, but it is only available for Android and iOS users. It is a free app and monitors stock market with ease. It has a simple to use user interface that provides real-time streaming quotes. If you want more feature, you can subscribe to the app for more features and advantages.

NSE Mobile Trading

3 – Investar –  The app Investar is yet another best app for Stock market and if you pay attention to the name it says Inves”Star” and not an investor. Now that does not mean you are going to be the start of investors but the app given a good amount of real-time data and can keep you updated with the latest happenings in the stock market.Investar Stock market app

So, these are out top best stock market apps for India. If you have any better alternative, then do let us know in the comment section.

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