Unknown Error code 24 during Installing Apps in Android FIX

The Unknown error code 24 during installing app in Android could be the most annoying error one could face. Most of the time this error occurs when you try to install new update or app on your Android device. This could be frustrating if you are done downloading several hundred MBs and while installing this unknown error code 24 pops up not allowing you to install the app. Now, if you have been facing the same error code, here is a quick fix for it.

Unknown error code 24 during installing app in Android FIX

The Unknown error code 24  during installing app Android FIX is a not a server-side error. It could be easily resolved using any root file handling applications. This error occurs due to overwriting of files with same file name inside the storage directory. This is duplication issue caused when you try to install the previously uninstalled app on your Android device. Below we have mentioned few quick fixes to fix unknown error code 24 during application install in Android.

Unknown error code 24  during Installing Apps Android FIX : Best Fixes

Method 1 – Fix Error code 24 by using Root File Handling Applications

This is the recommended solution for this error. You can fix the error code 24 by using any root handling application. Your default file manager is not capable of performing this task. Follow these steps to know how to do it.

  • Download and install Root Handling app called Root Browser
  • Next, give the app necessary permission when asked
  • Now locate “data” folder in your SD card using the Root browser
  • Inside the data folder, you should find another data folder. Open it.
  • Now find the app folder for which you want to install the app. Once you have found it, delete the entire folder of your specific app.

Now try to install the app from Google Play store, and you should be able to fix the unknown error code 24 in Android.

Method 2: Install the Android Apps manually using the APK

If the first method didn’t work for you then you can install your app manually using the specific app APK. You can download the Android apk of any file using the apk downloader. Once you have downloaded the apk, move it to your Android device and tap on it to begin the installation.

Method 3: Hard Reset your Android Device

If nothing seems working, you can always opt for resetting your Android device to factory default. This would reset your device to factory default thus removing anything, which is causing unknown error code 24 on your Android device. To reset your device go to Settings > Phone and Storage and Factory reset.

In most of the cases the first method should fix this error for you. However, it didn’t work, try other methods and see if it resolves your issue. Do let us know if you have any queries in the comments below.

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