Your PC Ran into Problem and Needs to Restart Error : FIXED

Windows 8 is all new Operating System from Microsoft after the release of Windows 7 but owing to lack of some key features like no start button,dual booting issues it has not succeeded that well as Windows 7 did and also now most of the users are found complaining about the Blue Scree Error ‘Your PC Ran into Problem and Needs to Restart’ which is becoming popular day by day.We are not criticizing Windows 8 here overall it is a Great and Powerful Operating system with much faster booting time and speedy operations while accessing heavy applications or games.Windows 8 provides efficient memory management features helping you to get the most out of your windows but still people are facing ‘Your PC Ran into Problem and Needs to Restart’ Error which is usually caused due to Bad Memory Utilization or Corrupt Hard disk but don’t worry now you will not face this error anymore I am here providing you with some working methods which will minimize the risk of facing error ‘Your PC Ran into Problem and Needs to Restart’ in Future.

Note – Though there is no 100% Guarantee that it will definitely fix your problem but these are the only methods by which you can get rid of this error which are verified and have found to be worked for most of the Windows 8 Users.

Windows 8 Your PC Ran into Problem and Needs to Restart – Steps to Follow

Generally this error results in continuous restart of Windows 8 automatically and before restarting you end up facing this Error ‘Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle and now it needs to restart’ and your pc or laptop restarts then.This error is faced frequently in a gap of 1 hr or 2hr at-most.

Your PC ran into problem and needs to restart

Reasons for ‘Your PC Ran into Problem and Needs to Restart’ Error :

The most likely reasons which result in facing this error are memory or hard disk issues though it can also result due to deletion of some important windows 8 system files or bad software installations.

First Method – Through Command Prompt

  • Open Command Prompt and Run as administrator

Note – You can either open it by Pressing Windows + R Button and Typing cmd in RUN Box or You can go to Start -> All Apps -> Command Prompt

  • Here type the Command SFC SCANNOW
  • That’s all and it will do the rest work by fixing the system problems.

Second Method – Memory Test

  • Open RUN Dialog box by Pressing Windows + R
  • Type MdSched.exe and Press Enter
  • Select the Option “Restart Now & Check for Problem” as shown below.

Memory Check

  • That’s all and it will try to fix your memory related errors.

Third Method – Check Hard disk for Errors

  • Open Command Prompt and Run as administrator
  • Here Type the Command chkdsk

Check Hard disk for errors

  • Note – This will check your hard disk for errors which will take a lot of time so have patience

Fourth Method – Memory Dumping

  • Go to Computer Properties and Select Advance System Properties
  • Navigate to Advance Tab -> Start up and Recovery “Settings”
  • Here Uncheck the Box which says ‘Automatically restart’
  • Now Under Write Debugging Information Select ‘Complete Memory dump’ or ‘Small Memory Dump 128 KB’

Memory Dumping

  • Click OK and Restart Your System.

Note – Hopefully this method should fix your problem permanently

Last Option – Reinstalling with a Fresh Windows 8 Copy

If all the above given method fails to fix this error then you are left with last but not the least Windows 8 Re-installation method which will definitely fix your issue if there are no hardware issues.

Note – If Still after trying all the methods the problem persists then you might have some hardware conflict or hardware issues like Corrupt or Damaged Hard disk or memory.

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  1. Thanks, very help full

  2. My pc is stuck on the blue screen error message, there is no cursor so i cannot do anything, i have tried holding windows + r but nothing. There is no options apart from manually switching power on and off but it goes back to the original message of “Your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart it goes to 100 % and then does nothing.


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