VithU App Review : A Must Have Safety App for every Women

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After Witnessing some horrible crimes and events associated with women during past few years especially in India has put a strong question mark on Women Safety which needs an appropriate answer from the desired government and public so that such incidents can be completely eliminated from our society and country thereby ensuring maximum safety for Girls and women.

Though there’s no doubt that the government is trying their best efforts in regards to Women safety so as to reduce such cases and events from happening in future but to be honest that’s not only upto the government to ensure your safety all time therefore there are situations in life where you by yourself need to take some measures or precautions and follow them to avoid falling into such bad incidents.

VithU App Review

Apart from the Government initiative with respect to Women Safety thanks to Channel V that has taken a strong initiative by developing a user-friendly App called VithU for the Smartphone’s users and truly saying it is really helpful and a must have safety app for every women as far as your Smartphone supports it. So let’s get more familiar with VithU App and its features and how it ensures women safety.

About VithU App : Key features – At a Glance

As said above VithU is basically an emergency safety app that has been developed under Channel V Gumrah Initiative which works by sending out alert messages every 2 minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers or guardians at the click of the power button of your Smartphone 2 times consecutively which is quite easy and fast to do.

The Receiver will receive a message like “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.” with a link to your location every 2 minutes giving them your updated location so that they can trace and help you out as soon as possible.

Apart from this you will continue to receive latest updates regarding recent crimes in India and a Special “Tips Feed” option exclusively giving you safety tips in an emergency situation.

Moreover it allows you with an option to “Submit Your Story” if you have been a victim or witnessed a Crime and that you want to share it with the audience so as to aware the youth and women how to be safe and secure.

At present VithU App is officially available only on Android and Apple iOS Users.

VithU App Free Download : Android and Apple iOS

  • Get VithU App for your Android Smartphone
  • Get VithU App for your Apple iOS Smartphone
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