How to Take Screenshot Of Active Window Only

You Must be very Familiar with taking Screenshot or Capturing the Image of Your Whole Desktop by Pressing the PRINTSCREEN Button ( Labeled with Prt Scr)on the Keyboard Directly and thereafter Pasting the Image on the Desired Location.By Pressing the PRINTSCREEN Button Only it takes the Screenshot of all the Visible Pixels on the Desktop i.e Whole Desktop Background But Have you Ever thought of taking the Screenshot of Active Window or Application Only Without Using any Software or Tool.So Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you a Very Easy and Simple Method on How to Take Screenshot of Active Window Only Without Using any third Party Software’s.

Take screenshot of Active Window Only

  • First of all Switch to the Application or Windows of Which you want to Take Screenshot
  • Now Hold ALT + PRINT-SCREEN Button Together to Capture the Screenshot
  • Next You Need to Paste the Screenshot in the Desired Location i.e Paint or Document etc.Here below is an Example of Screenshot of Active Window Onlytake screenshot of active window only

Note – Important Tips

  • GIF Format is the Best Image Format for Saving the Screenshot of Active Window or Applications Whereas JPEG Format makes the Image Quality Poor by making them Blurry and Blotchy
  • If You are Using Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Vista You Can Use the Default Snipping Tool Built Within the Windows for Capturing the Screenshot of Active Window or Application Only

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