Netflix Error 1011 Fix for iPhone, iPod, iPad Air, Mini

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Netflix is basically a global provider of online TV shows and movies with over 75 millions subscribers in 2016. It is very popular especially in United states with more than 50% of users being from United States alone. With Netflix App start watching Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more. In general Netflix is a very stable app without having much issues but still users have been found reporting one major Netflix error that is Netflix Error 1011. Before I proceed on further lets get familiarized with some of the possible reasons that could be causing Netflix Error 1011 on Apple Devices. Therefore check below Possible Reasons for Error 1011 Netflix App. Users are found facing Netflix Error 1011 on Smart Tv, After changing DNS, on Android etc. The actual Error message says “There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later (1011)”

Possible Reasons for Facing Error 1011 Netflix App : Common Causes for Netflix Error

  • Most often the reason for Netflix Error 1011 is Poor Internet Connectivity or Poor Network Strength within your Apple iPad or iPhone device.
  • Netflix Account authentication issues either due to Wrong account credentials or Netflix App connectivity problem.

How to Fix Netflix Error 1011 in iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch – Steps to Follow

Based on the different reasons associated behind facing Netflix Error 1011 there are different approaches to resolve the error that I have mentioned below.

1 – Check Your Internet Connectivity

As I mentioned above most of the users face this error because of poor Internet connectivity therefore first step towards resolution of Netflix Error 1011 is to ensure that you are having a high speed Internet connectivity or enough as demanded by Netflix to buffer the videos. Instead of connecting with Mobile Network Internet better try to connect via WiFi so as to get fixed internet connectivity.

2 – Restart your Apple Device

Often restarting the devices helps to get rid of these kind of errors. In order to restart your Apple device just follow the below given steps.

Just Press and Hold the Power button located at the top of your device until a red slider appears on the screen -> When the slider appears just Drag the slider to Turn the Device Off -> Wait for 10 seconds and then Press the Power button again to turn your Device On. -> That’s it once the device powers on, Run Netflix app and try watching your favorite movie or TV show again and check if you still face the same issue or not.

3 – Reset Netflix Application

By resetting the Netflix App what we are going to do is refresh any outdated information about Netflix that may be stored in the iOS device. So just follow the below given steps to reset Netflix App.

Open your iOS device Settings -> Scroll down until you locate Netflix App -> Tap on Netflix App ->  Here slide the Reset toggle to the ON position -> Now Return back to Home screen and Open Netflix App -> Just enter your Netflix Account credentials i.e. Netflix email address and password and start watching your favorite movie, TV shows on Netflix.

4 – Uninstall and Reinstall App

If all the above solution doesn’t work and you are sure that you are having good Internet connectivity then you are only left with only uninstalling and reinstalling Netflix app again. You have to just follow the usual uninstall and install process for Netflix App.

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