Blue Screen Physical Memory Dump Error Windows FIXED

How to fix Blue Screen Physical memory Dump Error in Windows 7/XP: Windows 7 was the successor of Windows XP and both had great success in the market since the release. Even though, these OS were quite successful yet they were not immune to errors. Once such error in Windows 7 and XP is blues screen physical memory dump error. This error usually occurs where you try to install software or while playing games on your PC. Today, we will try to fix blue screen physical memory dump error in Windows XP and Windows 7.

Blue Screen Physical memory Dump Error Windows 7, XP Fix

The blue screen physical memory dump error makes your PC shut down unexpectedly or will make your PC stuck or hang it.  This is indeed one of the most annoying error. There are several reasons why this error can occur in your PC. You can check out the complete list of errors below.

What causes blue screen physical memory dump error?

The error can occure because of multiple reasons including, Windows corrupted because of a virus, corruption of Windows registry, outdated Windows drivers, problem in your Random Access Memory (RAM) etc.

These fixes would also allow you to fix below-given errors:

  • Collection data for crash dump
  • Initializing disk for crash dump …
  • Beginning dump of physical memory.
  • Dumping physical memory to disk 100

How to fix Blue Screen Physical memory Dump Error Windows 7/XP : Best Methods

Method 1: Repair or Update Windows Registry and Drivers

Most of the time reason for this error is corrupted registry and drivers in your Windows computer. Repair Windows Registry: Repairing your windows registry can fix this error in your computer. You can repair your registry using any good registry cleaner available on the internet.

Check for Virus: If cleaning and repairing of registry didn’t work then you can try to scan your PC for virus. Perform a full scan using your Anti-virus software and remove virus if found any.

Run Sfc /Scannow command:  Sfc scan do wonder at times. All you have to do is open command prompt window and type the following command. Make sure you run Command prompt as administrator.

Sfc /Scannow

Wait till you get a message saying scan is complete and see if the error has gone away.

Updates your Drivers: At times the real culprit could be the driver in your PC. When a driver becomes corrupted or outdated, it can make hardware malfunction resulting in BSOD. So, check for all the available updates from device manager.

Method 2: Check if your RAM strip is faulty

A faulty RAM strip can also cause this error in Windows 7 or XP computer. What you can do is, try to replace the RAM strip with another RAM, which you can borrow temporarily and see if it resolves the error. If replacing the RAM strip resolves it, then you might need to change your RAM to fix this error.

Method 3: Find and search for Specific Error Code

If nothing seems to work then you can specifically search for the fixes for your error using the error code. Whenever Blue screen of death appear, it throws an error code. You can make use of that error code to find fix for your computer’s problem. A simple Google search with the error code would fetch the available fixes.

So, this was about how to fix blue screen physical memory dump error in Windows XP and Windows 7. If you have any queries ask it in the comment section below.

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