Desktop Icons Position Windows 10 Fix / Folder View Settings Fix

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Fix Desktop Icons Position Not Saved Windows 10 : The recent launch of Microsoft Windows 10 was quite a great success for Microsoft and its team but despite taking account of every possible bugs or issues the Windows 10 has still got some of the issues or bugs unresolved which are being addressed to Microsoft Support center and hopefully would be get resolved shortly in the coming few Windows updates but for the time being the issue gets resolved there are some temporary or we can say permanent solutions available as well for fixing various bugs associated with Windows 10 and therefore here I am going to address one such bug that is Desktop Icons position reorder and Folder view settings issue but before I proceed on lets get familiar with What actually is this issue ?

Windows 10 Desktop Icons Position

What is Desktop Icons Position and Folder View Settings Issue ?

In this issue what actually happens is that you try to change the position of Desktop Icons or change the view settings of files and folders and the changes get applied but soon after you restart your system the orientation reverts back to the previous one causing Windows 10 unable to render or remember the recently applied orientation of Desktop Icons or Folder view settings. The Same thing happens When a user changes folder view to thumbnails, list, large icons, etc and closes that Windows Explorer and then re-opens the same folder again the applied changes reverts back to the previous state. This is really a frustrating issue and therefore if you are facing the same issue then don’t worry just go through the below given simple tutorial on how to fix desktop icons position and fix folder view settings in Windows 10.

How to Fix Desktop Icons Position Windows 10 and Folder View Settings ?

Fix – 1 : ESET NOD32 Conflict Issues

It has been observed that users having ESET NOD32 security or ESET Smart Security Suite installed in their Windows 10 systems are frequently facing this issue because of the faulty Cleaner module that is present in ESET products and what happens is that whenever ESET Security tool detects something malicious activities or threats the older version of te Cleaner module changes an important key value in Windows registry thereby causing the annoying issue.

*Moreover ESET has accepted the fault at their end and therefore they have provided an update as well so as to fix the Cleaner module functionality which you can download manually from the ESET servers.

Fix – 2 : By Fixing Windows Registry

    • Press Windows + R button to open RUN Dialog box and there type regedit and Press Enter which will open Windows Registry Editor for you.

Now here in the Windows Registry Editor Navigate to the Following Keys one by one :



  • Here in the right side of Window just check the value of (Default) string and make sure that it is set to the following path :


*Do the Same for both the Keys

Note – In order to change the value of (Default) string you need to take ownership of the InProcServer32 key in both the locations. To know how to take ownership of keys just check out the following article :

Alternatively – If you are not good at technically fixing or making changes to Windows sytem files then don’t worry here below is an automated script for adjusting the Windows Registry Keys.

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