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How to Remove $RECYCLE.BIN Folder from Windows 8.1/8

Yesterday while working on my Windows 8.1 HP Envy laptop I found $RECYCLE.BIN folder in all the hard drive partitions as hidden folder after enabling the Don’t Hide files and folders feature. This was the first time i have ever observed such folder in Windows 8.1 and was bit surprised, moreover deleting the folder didn’t […] Read More

How to Remove Your Mobile Number from Truecaller Directory- FIXED

Truecaller is basically a Global Mobile Phone number lookup app world’s largest collaborative phone directory that includes database of more than 950+ million mobile phone users worldwide which lets you search or track any mobile phone number and its contact details,name,location etc directly from within truecaller.You can get all the caller details flashed immediately on […] Read More

How to Remove .SCR virus from Computer : FIXED

Read this Post to Learn How to Remove .SCR virus from Computer Completely – SCR virus is becoming very Common now a days and can be found on most of the Computers.This Virus basically affects the Folders on Your Computer and thus doesn’t allow you to make any changes to these Folders.You can Easily Get […] Read More

How to Remove Sponsored Ads From Utorrent : FIXED

Utorrent is the Most Popular Bit Torrent Client Used For Downloading Movies,Music,Software’s or Games etc and it is Widely Used by Most of the Users all Over the World. How to Increase Mozilla Firefox Browsing Speed Utorrent has Recently Included a Major Change in their Application by Displaying Sponsored Ads on their Application In-order to […] Read More

How to Remove Recaptcha Audio Button – FIXED

What is Recaptcha Audio ? As We are already aware of Captcha Interface Servicing Which basically heps in Protecting Websites from Spam bots or Spam Comments in Blogs in order to keep them away from Restricted Areas by Providing an Interface thats test Human Intelligence by asking to Enter Words or Text or Numbers as […] Read More

How to Remove Offline Files Cache in Windows 7 – FIXED

Have You Ever Wondered on How to Remove Offline Files Cache in Windows 7 ? – By Default Microsoft Windows Has no Direct Built-In User Interface in Order to Remove Offline Files Cache in Windows 7 i.e CSC (Client Side Caching) Cache.So Here in This Post I am Going to Tell you the Whole Procedure […] Read More

Svchost.exe Virus Removal : FIXED

What is Svchost.exe ? Svchost.exe Also Known as Service Host or Svc Host is basically a System Process which is Used for the Purpose of Hosting Several Windows Services. According to Microsoft -“svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries”. As We already Know that .exe file extension refers […] Read More