Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000 : Tips to Fix this Error

BlueStacks Requires a good Graphics Card or Chipset and RAM (Minimum of 2GB) for its Proper Functioning so that it can run all the Android Games Smoothly.Latest Android games demands Powerful Graphics handling capable devices otherwise they will not run on your system.How to Download Play Store Apps on PC Most of the Users are seen facing the error ‘Bluesacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card.It is possible your graphic drivers may need to be updated, Please update them and try installing again’ while running the Android apps or Games.So here I have some tips that you may apply on your system to fix this Bluestacks Graphic Card Error.

Bluestacks Graphic Card Error

Note – Though these tips doesn’t guarantee to fix this Error but these tips have helped a lots of users to play their favorite android apps or games on their system.Therefore It totally depends on your system Configuration.

Try the Following Tips to Fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000

How to Install Bluestacks Without Graphics Card [SOLVED]

  • If You Are Using a Laptop then make sure that your Laptop is running on a live Power Source since sometimes graphics card demands great power which is not handled by the Laptop batteries therefore try connecting Your Laptop to a Live Power Source and then Run the Android apps or games.
  • Update Your Graphics Drivers.It is necessary to regulary update your graphics driver so as to provide support for new features.

Update Graphics Driver For Intel Chipset

Update Graphics Driver For AMD

Update Graphics Driver For nVIDIA

Note – Also Keep Your DirectX Up-to date.

How to Install Bluestacks Without Graphics Card [SOLVED]

  • Hope these tips fixes your Problem.

Note – If you still face the Same Error then its the time to buy a New Graphics Card for your System to Run these android apps or games on your system.

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36 thoughts on “Bluestacks Graphic Card Error 25000 : Tips to Fix this Error

  1. Rushi Chaudhari says:

    Dear Pankaj,
    Actually i dont have a graphics card on my lappi and i wanna instaall bluestacks can uhelp?

    • Bluestacks Require a Good Graphics Card to Run So if You don’t have a Decent Graphic Card on Your Laptop it will not Run….But You can Still Try Updating Your Graphics Driver May be that Can Help….

  2. Dhananjay Misra says:

    hi how can it work without graphic card

    • It Requires a Good Graphics Card or Chipset to Run but if you don’t have it you can give it a Try After Updating all your Graphics Drivers…This has Solved the Problem for Many People….

  3. my pc is of intel pentium but blue stacks is showing the same eror 2500

    • It Might be because of Your Old Hardware Configuration…Bluestacks Requires High End PC or Computer to Run Properly…

  4. im using intel chipset.. when i instal bluestack its shows error2500…

    how to update my driver … help me

    • You can Just visit the Intel Official Driver Udpate Page as given in the Post and there just Select your Chipset model and Download the Udpate and Install it……..

  5. Prakash Murthy says:

    thank you flush dude.. love you

  6. Sagar Ahuja says:

    Actually I was able to run bluestacks on my oc when after a month it stopped working. I uninstalled and installed it again. then I updates my latest drivers from the intel’s website. But the error still exists. I have a 3.3ghz i5 Processor, 4gb RAM, INTEL HD graphics &windows 7 ultimate.
    Please help. I am not satisfied with intell app centre and want to run bluestacks

    • What Intel Graphics Chipset do you have ??….Have you Installed all Graphics Chipset Drivers i.e Graphics Media Accelerator and Chipset Drivers….Make Sure to Install them Properly..

  7. Boss i have 1.5gb ram,with older version graphic card ,help me how can i up grade, i use window xp.

    • Just Upgrade Your RAM to 2GB and Buy a PCI Express Graphics Card But Make Sure you have a PCI Express Slot on Your Motherboard….

  8. How can I find out which graphics card I have in my PC?

    • Just Open Run Box and Type dxdiag and Press Enter Now a New Window will Open There Select the Display Tab and You will get all your Graphics Card Details….

  9. i have a asus laptop bluestacks install error is THIS APPLICATION REQUIERS AT LEAST 2 GB PHYICAL MEMORY i update asus live update still that was not working

  10. hi,plz can u suggest me more app similar to bluestack

  11. I’m tryin to install bluestacks but it takes forever, please suggest i’m using new HP windows 8 and i dont know how and where to check the graphic card. PLEASE HELP!

  12. Is there any other program like bluestacks that might work

  13. Dear pankaj,
    actually my computer have no graphic card and my graphic drive is no update so bluestack is no installed please help me

    • Sorry Bro You can’t run Bluestacks then on your PC But you can try another similar app YouWave though I have not tried it….

  14. i m using radeon 1gb graphic card is there any drivers required?

  15. how to update graphic driver on our pc….?

    • Just Find the Latest Graphics Driver for Your PC From the Above given link and Update it directly or either you can download it as a setup and Manually install it…..

  16. Core 2 Duo Processor with Minimum 2GB RAM and a Good Graphics Card with 512MB Dedicated Graphics Memory……

  17. i have amd athlon x2 270 processor kingston hyperx blu 4 gb and a xfx radeon hd5670 ddr3 1gb graphics card… so can bluestacks support in my system.?

  18. can i run it on gm 965 chipstes

    • Quite difficult as Intel 965 is a very old graphics chipset I would recommend you to try YouWave Android Emulator instead of Bluestacks in this case maybe this will help you…Thanks

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