BlueStacks Downloading Runtime Data Error : FIXED

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Having Problem with Bluestacks while Downloading Runtime Data ? – Don’t Worry you have reached the right place to Fix this Error.Recently I have seen most of the users facing this error while Downloading the Runtime data for BlueStacks and is becoming a very common problem. How to Download Play Store Apps on PCBluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error

Reason For Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error

The Only Reason responsible for BlueStacks Downloading Runtime Data Error is BlueStacks Server Problem and it has nothing to do with your System or Hardware Configuration.

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How to Fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error

Solution – 1

  • Stop the Whole Download Installation Process.
  • Go to Control Panel and Uninstall BlueStacks.
    • Download Fresh copy of Bluestacks again and Reinstall it.
  • Hope this Fixes your Problem.

Solution – 2

If the Above Solution doesn’t work try the below method.It is the best Method to Fix this Error.Here you are downloading Full Offline Installer of BlueStacks therefore Preventing it from Downloading Runtime Data From the Server.

Download Full Offline Installer of Bluestacks

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  1. Hey this emulator is working but my joypad is not working on it it’s detecting my joypad
    but when i try to play a game it wont work.. Plzzzz help me how to resove this problem one more thing games are lagging …. Help on this issue

    1. Hii Sumit Sharma…The Games are lagging due to Your System Configuration so Plz Update them with latest Hardware to get the Best Performance……You can’t Play the Games Using Your Joypad there is Option For Keyboard and Mouse Only….

  2. ultimate article about bluestacks problems thnx thanx & thaaannnnnnnxxx 😀

  3. Thanks bro afterall itz so nice site

  4. Don’t waste your time downloading the the Windows installer, you’ll get the old version.

    To fix this issue simply run the install app as administrator (right click on the .exe, then run as administrator), the runtime data will load.

    P.S. Depending on your Wndows security settings, you may also need to run the app as administrator (right click on the shortcut, run as administrator).

    1. My, you’re a professional, I tried all these solutions but none of them did work for me at all. I was too afraid to uninstall and reinstall as I have wasted a generous amount of bandwidth downloading many large size games.
      However, your solution, how simple it looked like, worked as a charm.
      Thanks a lot, really appreciate this.

  5. Hey!! I recently found out a solution. It will definitely work[100%]
    Just right click on bluestacks icon displayed and select PROPERTIES option. Under this menu select SECURITY Tab. Change the permissions of all the users and assign full control to all users including yourself and click on APPLY and OK.Then run bluestacks as administrator and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!
    It will work for sure……..

  6. If nothing works to you just format the system.
    It is the last and final option.
    Its only thing that worked for Me Nothing else

    1. I did that the first time I installed BlueStacks, and it worked for me. My reason was probably due to VMWare messing up everything 🙁

  7. It was really FANTASTIC.


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