How to Remove Recaptcha Audio Button – FIXED

What is Recaptcha Audio ?

As We are already aware of Captcha Interface Servicing Which basically heps in Protecting Websites from Spam bots or Spam Comments in Blogs in order to keep them away from Restricted Areas by Providing an Interface thats test Human Intelligence by asking to Enter Words or Text or Numbers as Seen in the Captcha Image Interface. Recaptcha Audio basically Uses the Same Captcha Interface but with an Extra added Option or Feature that allows an Audio alternative for the Visually Impaired People and thus allowing them to Navigate the Web without any Problem.It has been a great innovation for the Blind People so that they can easily navigate the Web.It is a great Innovation in Speech Recognition Technologyhow to Remove Recaptcha audio Button

How to Remove Recaptcha Audio Button : Steps to Follow

If you want to Remove the Recaptcha Audio Feature from the Captcha Interface it is very Simple to Remove it You just need to Use Javascript and CSS Codes in order to Remove Recaptcha Audio.So Here below is a Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Recapthca Audio from the Captcha Interface.It is basically a Two Step Process – Removing or Hiding the Audio Button and then Filling the Empty Background Space with Color.Here below is a Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Recaptcha Audio Button from Captcha Interface

Remove Recaptcha Audio Button

Paste the Following Javascript Code at any Position after the Recaptcha Code

<script type=”text/javascript”>







Fill the Empty Backgroung Space with Color

Now Since the Recaptcha Audio button has been removed therefore it will leave an empty background Space where the recaptcha audio button was present therefore to fill it again just Use the below CSS code to fill the White color with Grey Background.You need to Paste the following Code in the <head> Section of Your Website


#recaptcha_table tr {background:#dfdfdf;}


Learn More About Recaptcha From Here

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