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No one wants to play game and get interrupted by nagging advertisements and promotions. Unfortunately, a huge portion of today’s mobile games requires an active Internet connection including ‘Clash of Clans’,  ‘Modern Combat 5’ and ‘Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia’. Even if the game does not have any online related features, the connection is still required in order to upload the user information onto the game servers. The requirement means that users cannot play the game without having an active Internet connection. Get Free Mobile Games Without WiFi from below which includes games that don’t need WiFi.

Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - No WiFi Games

This can be very problematic for both Android, as well as iOS. Fortunately, there are still some developers that don’t believe in the concept of requiring an Internet connection at all times. Hence, allowing the users to be able to play offline, anywhere they want. After some research, we have assembled a list of non Wi-Fi games. These games are available on both Android, and iOS. This will make the gaming seamlessly fluid. So check below  for some of the best offline games for iOS and Android (WITHOUT Wi-Fi)

Top Ten Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi For Android & iOS – WiFi Free Ganes

There are loads of offline games for Android and iOS available via Google Play Store, and Apple’s App Store that does not require Internet. Before I listing down with respect to their genre, it would be a nice idea to list down the top ten regardless of the genre.

  • Asphalt 8 Airborne

Fans of high octane racing games are going to love the Asphalt 8 Airborne as it defies the laws of gravity. The game allows the players to live their wildest car related fantasy in the high-fueled gameplay that provides hours of fun thanks to an amazing progression system.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - Asphalt 8

There is a lot of content that needs unlocking, and you get to choose from an arsenal of some of the best vehicles as well. Although the game is free on both App Store, and Google Play store, the game has in-app purchases that you are free to ignore.

In short, the Asphalt 8 Airborne is an extremely fun game, and definitely among the best no Wi-Fi games for android. However, you will require an Internet connection at the beginning to download the bigger files.

  • Shadow Fight 2

For anyone who is looking for a hardcore action fighting game in which they will get to play the game the way they want, Shadow Fight 2 is a wonderful option. The game is a classic 1v1 styled fighting game that is built with artistic value in mind.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - Shadow Fight

The characters are black and white with brilliant, and striking contrast against rest of the background of different stages. There are several fighting styles available, and players will also get to choose between a slews of weapons at their disposal.

Just after a few hours, Shadow Fight 2 became my favorite fighting game, and definitely one of the best no Wi-Fi games for iOS and Android. The game is free on both platforms with in-app purchases.

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2

When the original Plants vs. Zombies came out, the game was an instant success. However, the platform availability was limited. Fast forward a few years, and we are now graced by Plants vs. Zombies 2. A crazier, more fun adventures that puts your plants against zombies.

Players get to play some of the best and original game modes as well as some of the new ones that made their way in the sequel. Do you have what it takes to protect your plants from ever so hungry zombies? Show it in Plants vs. Zombies 2, one of the best offline games for free.

  • Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft’s success is no surprise to even the most hardcore gamers who shun it away. Developed by Mojang AB, Minecraft is among the best offline games. It is also the only game I know of that is available on almost all the platforms there are on the market.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - Minecraft

Download Minecraft from Google Play Store – It lets players bring forth their creativity and create some of the best looking worlds in a world-building game. That is not all, since there is no limitation to what you can create, some gamers can create, we have seen some amazing creations of places like Westeros from Game of Thrones, and even Hogwarts from Harry Potter franchise.

  • Badland – A Free Action Game

If you are searching for an action adventure game that does not emphasize on blowing up stuff, Badland is the right game for you. The game markets itself as an action adventure, but there is proper artistic flare involved too. Players are tasked to find out the one thing that is wrong with the jungle in which they are living in. The game’s level design, and the art style is among the best I have seen on a mobile game.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - Badlands

Download Badland from Google Play Store – It is undoubtedly one of the best offline games for android that I have had the pleasure to play, and for those running iOS, it’s also available. Badland is free to play on Badland but contains ads, and in-game purchases. On iOS, the game costs $0.99

  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush

For many grown adults, and adult gamers, minions are annoying creatures. The same can’t be said for the teenagers, or kids who were born in the 2000s. Despicable Me puts the players in the shoes of the minions as they run their way through different stages and grab collectibles.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - Despicable Me

Download Despicable Me from Google Play Store – Although Despicable Me does not bring a lot of originality to the table, it is the way the game utilizes some of the older mechanics that makes it so amazing. You do get to fight some villains, so come with all the preparation.The game is also known as Minion Rush, in some regions. Regardless of that, it is among the top-rated free offline games iOS and Android.

  • Infinity Loop – No WiFi Needed Game

There comes a time when we just get tired of the fast-paced action games and want to test our minds against a bit more technical endeavors. The perfect way to do that is through Infinity Loop; a brilliant puzzle game that you can download on your Android and play for free.

Players will have to connect several curved shapes, and keep doing that until they form a shape. You also have to make sure that there no breaks in the shape. The game also has a dark mode in which you will have to break the entire shape into individual parts. Infinity Loop is fun, relaxing, and challenging for your brain, and it is one of the great offline games for free.

  • Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

The good thing about playing games on a smart phone is that most games are well suited for puzzle maniacs. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles is just the game for you; combining both physics, and puzzles, this free to play game can challenge even the smartest minds out there.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - Brain it On

Although the game will ask you to build simple structures, and the structures will look simple for the most part, you do need to know that physics is something that is definitely going to play a part in how your structures stand.

Make one move that does not bode well with the laws of physics, and your structures will come crumbling down. The game is challenging, but extremely fun to play. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be considered among the top offline games for iOS or Android.

  • Six Guns: Gang Showdown

If you are looking for a great action game that captures the feeling of the wild west just the way you want, then you are in the right spot. The Six Guns: Gang Showdown takes you into the cruel Wild West where you are supposed to fight for your life.However, you are not just going to fight bandits, and outlaws. The game also puts you against supernatural forces like the vampires, and getting outnumbered means dying on the spot.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - The Six Guns

Download Six Guns Gang Showdown from Google Play Store – With an extensive amount of missions and limitless content, the Six Guns: Gang Showdown comes on this list as one of my favorite action games, and definitely one of the best free games without Wi-Fi.

  • Hill Climb Racing 2

Where Asphalt 8 focuses on fast-paced, high octane racing that requires you to be aware all the time; Hill Climb Racing 2 is a game that tends to take things slowly. The game is basically built on the same foundation as the original Hill Climb Racing with better gameplay elements.

Best Free Mobile Games Without WiFi - Hill Climb Racing 2

You get to do tricks in the air, and play the games for hours without even getting bored. The best part is that Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to play, with some in-game purchases that you can skip should you wish to. For anyone who is in search of some brilliant offline games for android, Hill Climb Racing 2 provides hours of fun without getting redundant

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