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Check out the Best methods on How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed : MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi is a revolutionary gadget from MTS built specifically for fast Internet generation. It can reach dizzying speed, sprinting upon the latest 3GPLUS network. What is amazing about MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi device is the flexibility and portability that it offers to users. You can get easy and fast internet connection setup just by plugging it to your laptop PC or by connecting it to an idependent power point or car charger. So just connect whatever you want to connect to MTS MBlaze Ultra Wi-Fi and you will be ready to exploit the power of web. Read below for detailed information on How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed.

How to increase speed of MTS Mblaze Ultra WiFi datacard : Moreover you can now enjoy High Speed Data services in roaming locations too like Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, etc which means get free internet through out India. MTS MBlze Ultra WiFi Data card is really an amazing device for all those who want to have internet connection on the go anywhere anytime.

It provides you with lightning fast internet downloading or uploading speed but at times you may face speed below as per your expectations or frequent internet connection drop outs therefore if you too are among those users then don’t worry here below are some amazing tips or tricks i.e changing DNS server address, using MTS Ultra WiFi speed booster etc. that you can follow in order to increase MTS Ultra WiFi speed. Get detailed information about How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed from below.

Note : Before you try the below mentioned steps it is important that you first get analysis of your current MTS Ultra WiFi speed by doing MTS Ultra WiFi Speed test. Check below methods on How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed.

How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed : Best Methods to Boost your MTS MBlaze Internet Speed

There are several different methods or internet speed hacks that you can find over internet but most of they either are fake which doesn’t work or in worst cases some of them can lead you to serious security issues so it is better to avoid those methods and opt for genuine methods to increase your internet speed. So here below I have provided some safe and genuine tricks that really works by boosting your MTS Ultra WiFi internet speed. So just check out the below given methods on how to increase MTS Ultra WiFi speed.

Note : You must keep in mind that you can’t increase your Internet speed beyond your current plan but by following the below given methods you can get stable internet speed. Check below How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed.

Method – 1 : Using TCP/IP Optimizer (You can call it as MTS Ultra WiFi Speed Booster)

  • You first need to download and install TCP/IP optimizer on your system. You can get it downloaded from here – Click here to download TCP/IP
  • Run TCP Optimizer a and then navigate to General Settings tab and drag the Internet Speed slider to 5 Mbps, 10Mbps or upto the maximum internet speed provided MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi Speed.
  • Also After Fixing the Slider Position to the desired speed check mark the Optimal Box as shown below.

How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed - 1

  • Next a New Window will Open and There Just Check Mark the Backup Option and Select OK as shown below.

How to Increase MTS Ultra WiFi Speed - 2

  • You have to restart your system so that the changes that you have applied on your system can take place.

Method – 2 : Using Open DNS Server Address / Google DNS Server Address

This is one of the most safe and effective way of increasing your internet speed through your Internet connection settings. You just need to change the DNS Server address of your connection settings by going to your MTS MBlaze Internet Dashboard. So in order to change the DNS Server address just open MTS Dashboard -> Then Click on the Settings tab -> There Click on ‘Use DNS’ -> There you need to enter the Enter the DNS address on both DNS and Alternate DNS fields -> Here in the Primary DNS and Alternate DNS field you can fill any of the below given DNS Server address so get optimized internet speed.

  • The Open DNS address are and 
  • The Google DNS Address are and

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