How to Find Windows 8 Product Key in Your Laptop or PC

Are you looking for your windows 8 product key that come pre-installed on your newly purchased laptop or Desktop PC ? – If you are then you are at the right place to get your problem solved.Recently I too purchased my new laptop Lenovo Y510P with pre-installed Original Windows 8 but I couldn’t find any sticker or logo mentioning the Windows 8 Product key even I couldn’t retrieve it from within the Windows itself¬† easily until I found a free software known as Belarc Advisor which finally solved my problem within few seconds.Read this article to Learn How to Find Windows 8 Product Key in Laptop or PC.

Reasons to Look out for Windows 8 Product Key :

Basically there are two major reasons because of which you are here looking for your Original Windows 8 Product key that i have listed below.

    • You have either deleted the email that you got after purchasing Original windows 8 which contains the product key or you have lost the product key.
  • Your newly purchased laptop or Desktop didn’t come up with a Windows 8 Product key sticker.

How to Find Windows 8 Product Key

About Belarc Advisor :

Belarc Advisor is a Free Utility tool which tells you full Information about Your Operating System as well as Hardware Resources by Doing a complete System Scan and thereby generating a Web Page displaying all your computer details which is much more information then Generated by any Other Tools.It Even Displays you with a List of all the USB storage Devices that Were Connected to the Computer For the Last 30 Days.

Note – Belarc Advisor is a completely safe to use software which generates a Web page displaying in-depth report of your system configuration and software details and doesn’t send these details to Web server or anywhere else as mentioned in the privacy.Follow the below given steps to know How to Find Windows 8 Product Key in Laptop or PC.

How to Find Windows 8 Product Key Using Belarc Advisor – Steps to Follow

  • After Installation when you run it for the first time it will ask you for ‘Would you like to check for new Advisor security definitions ?’ Here you can choose from Yes or No depending upon your requirements.

Find Windows 8 Product Key - 1

  • Wait for few seconds till it collects your system information and then displays it on your selected web browser.
  • Select ‘Software Licenses’ under In-page links from the left corner.
  • Now There You will be able to see your Windows 8 Product Key

Find Windows 8 Product Key - 2

Note – The key will be a Combination of letters and numbers of size 25 which will be in the form of xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

  • That’s all and You are all done.

Verdict – Belarc Advisor

After reading the above article you might be now well familiar with the power of Belarc Advisor Software and most amazingly with the use of Belarc Advisor you can retrieve any installed software product key.

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