How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 on LAN and Condition Zero

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How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 on LAN : Counter Strike is a very popular First Person Shooting Game developed by Valve Corporation originated from Half life mod in which You can either play it as Single Player mode or Use Multiplayer mode for playing with your friends via LAN or Online But the Real Fun and capabilities comes out when you play it online where you compete with your friends or professional Shooters.Choose and play from variety of modes which includes Death Match,Zombie mode and much more.Counter Strike is so much popular that every year Professional Online Leagues and Championship are organized where different teams participate from different countries to Win the Prize money as well as the Championship Trophy.There will be only few or very rare gamers that haven’t played this popular game and I would definitely say you are not a true gamer if you haven’t played this game even for a while.One of the most amazing feature of Playing Counter Strike on Your PC or Laptop is that it doesn’t demand powerful specification or graphics to run you can play it even if you have one of the oldest System.Game Runs pretty well and fast in which you can join on either Terrorist team or Counter-terrorists team.Follow the Instructions on How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 on LAN.

How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 on LAN – Steps to Follow

You can easily start playing counter strike 1.6 on LAN on Your Windows PC or Laptop with your friend by just following the below given step by step guide which is not that much difficult to implement therefore make sure that you follow all the given instruction carefully without doing any mistake.

Points to Take of before Following the Steps :

  • Make sure that your system i.e Laptop or Desktop PC are connected to the Same network or router.
    • You have Installed Counter Strike 1.6 on Both the Laptops or PC.

After ensuring the above given Points just follow the below Setup Guide for Configuring How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 on LAN

Setup LAN Configuration for Counter Strike :

    • First of all Make Counter Strike 1.6 Server on any one of the Laptop or PC
  • Now Open and Run Counter Strike 1.6
  • Go to Your Counter Strike Installation Folder and Open hlds.exe file i.e C:\Program Files\Counter Strike\hlds.exe
  • Here you will be Asked about Game,Server Name,Map,Network,Max. Players,UDP Port or RCON Password details and fill as per your requirements as shown below.

How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 on LAN

Note – If you want to do Port forwarding on your Router Visit Here on How to Setup Port Forwarding for playing online games.

  • After filling all the Information Click on Start Server which will make your laptop or PC to act as the Server.

Note – It is better to create server on that system having better Hardware and Graphics Configuration

  • Now Switch to Other Laptop and Run Counter Strike 1.6 from there.
  • Go to Local Tab and Search for Servers and there you will find the Server you have created on the Other Laptop.
  • Here After Selecting the Server Just Join Game,Select your playing side and You are done.

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  1. After i create a server in my pc. the other lan pc connects my sever but problem is i am not able to play on same lan. how to solve that..????


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