How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 805a0194

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 805a0194: Windows Phone is undoubtedly one of the coolest Smartphone OS available in the market. With live tiles and feeds, it keep you connected through all the happening in social world. It is also a great tool if you use Microsoft Office on the go with lots of document creation and editing. You can also create your presentation while traveling to your office or school just as you do on your PC. With Windows Phone store, you can download and install all the latest apps and games on your device. However, there are times when you won’t be able to download and install any apps or submit a review and stuck with “Windows Phone error code 805a0194” error on your device.

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 805a0194

This error was mostly reported by the users who had installed Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview. The Windows Phone error code 805a0192 occurs when you try to submit an app review or you are trying to install any apps for the Windows Phone store. Fortunately, the fix for this wouldn’t break your device nor your pocket. Here is how to fix the Windows Phone Error code 805a0194 with step by step guide.

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 805a0194 : Best Methods

Now what causes this error? The cause of this error is said to be incorrect region selection on your device. Few apps on Windows Phone store are restricted to specific countries only. However, few curious souls change their region on their device and download those country-restricted apps on their device. However, while submitting the review they tend to forget that they have to change the region to what it was while downloading the app. This error can also occur if there is a proble

m with your WiFi connection. Whatever be the reason, here is how you can fix the Windows Phone error code 805a0194 with below methods.

Method 1: Disable WiFi Connection

If you are unable to download any app from Windows Phone store and are getting this Windows Phone error code 805a0192, then changing your internet connectivity to 3G / 2G from WiFi would fix it. Try to disable WiFi connection on your device and try downloading the app using 3G or 2G data on your device and see if this resolves the error for you.

Method 2: Set correct Region / Country

Now if you are getting this error while submitting an app review or when trying to download app from the Windows Phone store, you should make sure that you have set correct region on your device. If you have had changed the region while downloading the app, then set the region back to what it was while submitting the app review.

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  1. Method 3:
    start another download from the Store – doesn’t matter which. Then you can see the download queue and delete the app which causes the error.

    1. Nice one, Pete !!!
      *That* solution worked perfect 😉



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