How to Install / Configure Canon ScanGear on Windows

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This article will help you to configure and install canon ScanGear tool software. Many of users don’t find the setup file after downloading it from the official site of the cannon and facing problem in configuration and installation. So if you don’t get the setup file don’t worry, Setup file gets saved into TEMP folder after getting extracted from EXE file. We will take you through all the required steps to install and configure the Cannon Scan Gear Tool Software. Check below for detailed instructions on How to Install Canon ScanGear tool on Windows / How to Configure Canon ScanGear tool on Windows. The below given instructions works perfectly for all Microsoft Windows versions including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Windows XP.

How to Install and Configure Canon ScanGear Tool Software on Windows : Steps to Follow

  • At first, download the Scan Gear Tool from Canon’s Official Website. (for non-color copier download Version 2.21 and for new canon color copier download Version 2.71+)
  • Now click on the downloaded .EXE File, which will start extracting the contents of .EXE file to the TEMP folder. Go to the TEMP Folder you can use the below link to go to the TEMP folder Just you need to replace “NameofUser” With “Your PC’s User Name”.

To go to temp Folder, you can use the following links 

  • For windows 7 & Above “ C:\Users\NameofUser\AppData\Local\Temp

  • For windows XP “ C:\Documents and Settings\NameofUser\Local Settings\Temp
  • Here, you will find the setup file of Canon ScanGear Tool Software. Click on the setup file to start the installation. Now you will see the Installation Window, Follow the instructions given on the installation Window and once installation completes launch the Canon ScanGear Tool Software.
  • Once you Launch it you will see the Window given below and Now, enter the IP address of the copier, you can also check the connection by clicking “TEST CONNECTION” button. Now, you can use the copier machine for scanning. To scan click on the BIG “SCAN” button on your copier machine it will switch the machine to scan mode.

How to Configure Canon ScanGear Tool Windows

  • Select the “Online” option to make the SCAN mode on. It will start searching for the ScanGear client on your computer. Place the Document you want to scan in the feeder tray on the top of canon copier. (It will not start until feeder have paper in it.)
  • Now, on your computer, select Scan option with its color scale.That’s all, you have successfully Installed and configured the canon ScanGear tool software. If you still face any issues while installing or configuring Canon ScanGear Tool software then please let us know by dropping a comment and will try to reach out to you for resolution as soon as possible. Thanks! 

How to Install Canon ScanGear Tool

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