Top 5 Best Free Responsive Templates for Blogger 2014

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Top 5 Best Free Responsive Templates for Blogger 2014 – Just like WordPress Blogger is another very popular Web blog publishing Service from Google that allows free site hosting for sharing text, photos, videos and much more. At blogger users can create free blogs of their own at a subdomain of or alternatively you can buy your Own Top level domain and get it hosted on the Google Servers absolutely free of cost.The best part of getting a site hosted on Blogger is that all the sites are hosted on Google Servers itself which means that you no longer need to worry about server resource usage or traffic handling issues at all unlike in WordPress where you have to constantly take care and monitor your server. With blogger you get easy access to various popular Google services like Google Adsense and many more.

Though it is not as simple as WordPress and it takes time for a beginner to get familiar with its interface and SEO optimization but once done you would love Blogger Web Service and its unmatched performance that offers tons of free customization and up-gradation tools.You have seen popular sites like by Amit Agarwal all are hosted on Blogger and works flawless without any loading or downtime issues.

Therefore if you have recently switched to blogger or started a new blog and now looking for the best free resposive templates for your blog then you are at the right place to get yourself familiar with these following Top 5 Best Free Responsive Templates for Blogger but before we proceed lets discuss Why Choose Responsive template ?

Why Choose Responsive Templates ?

Responsive templates are the today’s most preferred choice for any blog designing regardless of where it is hosted Blogger or WordPress and this is because these responsive templates adjust and adopt themselves according to the device screen resolution from where the blog has been accessed. Also Responsive templates offers lot more features and fast performance as compared to the regular old style templates.

Top 5 Best Free Responsive Templates for Blogger 2014

Labnol Blogger Template

If you have entered into this Blogging world then you must get familiar with the India’s Top Technology blog that is by Amit Agarwal.This template is the same or you may say a clone copy of the site template and is a very responsive blogger template best suitable for blogs based on Science and Technology niche.It is a very simple and clean template without much graphics that includes two column design with numbered page navigation and custom search box.

Best FREE Responsive Templates for Blogger - Labnol like template

  • Free Download Labnol Blogger Template

Sensational Blogger Template

Sensation is a popular free responsive blogger template developed and distributed by Chandeep that has been transform or evolved from the WordPress Sensational theme and is very similar to what you have already seen of WordPress Sites running sensational theme.It is a three column based template with various premium customization features that includes Responsive Flex Slider.

Best FREE Responsive Templates for Blogger - Sensational

Way2Blogging Blogger Template

Way2Blogging is all in one premium free responsive blogger template that is developed and distributed by Harish for free of cost.The good point about using this template is that with this template you may use different niche.It offers Two menu navigation, Social follow buttons, Google adsense ready, custom page navigation and much more.It is a full SEO and Adsense Optimized template including column footer widgets.

Best FREE Responsive Templates for Blogger - Way2Blogging

  • Free Download Way2Blogging Blogger Template

MaxMag Blogger Template

Max Mag is a free responsive three column blogger template best suited for Magazine blogs enhanced with features and multimedia.It gives you unlimited color scheme with a “Sticky” Menu that scrolls throughout the site.Allows for easy Advertisement Integration and fully SEO Optimized.It features a beautiful slider that loads smoothly and features very eye friendly Interface.

Best FREE Responsive Templates for Blogger - Maxmag

Elite Minima Blogger Template

Elite Minima is one of the premier responsive templates of Blogger developed and distributed by Harish absolutely free of cost.It comprises of a 2 Column design layout with right sidebar,minimalist,footer columns and a simple clean look.

Best FREE Responsive Templates for Blogger - Elite Minima

  • Free Download Elite Minima Blogger Template

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