How to Remove Duplicate files from PC with NoClone ?

Having duplicate content on a system is tolerable up to a limit but when this limit breaches it starts creating very serious problems leading to out of space or storage issues thereby consuming unnecessary memory and system space therefore if you are the one facing lots of duplicacy in your stored data then I will tell you a very simple way on how to deal with these duplicate files.

Finding and deleting duplicate stored files seems to be one of the easiest way to do but this methods appears to be impractical for users having thousands of duplicate files or folders therefore here in such cases to avoid this manual hassle it is better to look out for alternative options that can help you in removing duplicate files and one such alternative option is to use NoClone Software Application.Check below given instructions to learn How to Remove Duplicate files from PC with NoClone ?

How to Remove Duplicate files from PC with NoClone ? – About NoClone

NoClone is a true duplicate file finder that can help user to instantly find true duplicate files, duplicate folders, similar images, duplicate images, duplicate mp3 and duplicate outlook e-mails in a matter of few seconds.

It is a simple yet very powerful utility that works just awesome helping users to save disk space by uncovering duplicate files stored on your computer. With NoClone You can choose to locate documents by identical names and content, as well as by partially matching text.

How does NoClone Works ?

Whenever a folder or a set of folders is given to NoClone it first starts by scanning all the files located within the folder and the subfolders. After scanning the files it then starts comparing the files against each other one by one and provides you with the file that appears to be identical to each other. NoClone provides you all the duplicate files information i.e. their name, location, size and date of modification etc.

How to Remove Duplicate files from PC using NoClone

That’s it now you can check mark the files that you want to remove and uncheck those that you want to keep. After the selection procedure is over click on the “Save Space” button and all your selected duplicate files will be removed.

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