Far Cry 4 Black Screen FIX, Shadows, No Sound, Crashes

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Since the release of Far Cry 4 game it has received a lot of criticism from the users who are facing critical issues while playing Far cry 4 on their systems despite meeting all the software or hardware specifications demanded by the game therefore here I have compiled a list of some of the most irritating and common errors and the step by step guide on how to fix those errors effectively. So just go through the below tutorial to learn how to fix far cry 4 black screen, how to fix far cry 4 black shadows, how to fix no sound while playing or crashes etc issues.

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Before you move on to fix your issues with Far Cry 4 gameplay it is important that you first make sure that your system requirements are enough to support Far Cry 4 properly on your system and to check this here below I have provided the minimum system requirements demanded by Far cry 4 with which you can compare your system specifications and if you think still after meeting all the requirements you are facing issues like Far Cry 4 Black screen, black shadows etc then you can proceed with the following resolving steps.

How to Fix Far Cry 4 Black Screen :

Though the fix for the black screen might sound quite fascinating but it really works. Here what you need to do is that you have to disable the Bluetooth adapter or joystick connected to your system. Disable HID Devices that doesn’t have any effect on your system peripherals along with disabling your HID-Compliant Game controller which can be done via Device manager. Also disable the USB Controllers and if you are using gamepad try to switch them to different USB ports. This all will help fixing your black screen issue.


Note – To Open Device Manager Press Windows + R button to open RUN Command box and here type devmgmt.msc and Hit Enter

How to fix Far cry 4 black screen

How to Fix Far Cry 4 Black Shadows : 

In order to fix black shadows problem first of all try fixing it by Going to Options -> Quality Settings -> Here change the Shadow settings from High to medium and also change the screen aspect ratio to Auto and hope this will help fixing your issue.

Alternatively :

“Delete patch.dat and patch.fat from the data/win32 folder”. Then to fix the contrast of the game “Set your AA to “SMAA”. And then “Set the Ambient Occlusion to “SSAO”. This is a temp fix so backup the files you delete.

How to Fix Far Cry 4 No Sound while playing :

Try disabling your Dolby Live settings in Windows audio and switch it back to 2 channels and this will surely help fixing your audio problem.


How to Fix Far Cry 4 Not Responding : 

Disable or Unplug all your USB Devices and let the first intro sequence play after which you can try connecting your USB Devices and you will no longer face the same problem.

How to Fix Cry 4 Mouse cursor behavior : 

To fix mouse cursor movement Go to GamerProfile.xml located at My Documents/My Games/ Far Cry and here find the lines  find the lines UseMouseSmooth, Smoothness, and Smoothness_ironsights etc and set them all to zero. That’s it and now you will see a much better mouse movement.

Note :

If after trying all the above steps you still face the issues then don’t worry just drop your query and I will provide you special files that you need to replace with your original files so as to let the game work fine.

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