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While running your favorite media files from VLC Media player you may often stuck in the middle facing “Please wait while your font cache is rebuilt. This should take less than few minutes” though the file would be played successfully in most cases without any issues but still this is very annoying and needs proper fix for vlc building font cache problem. Usually VLC building font cache process is done while running few files for the first time but it may happen you face the same vlc building font cache dialog box each time running any media file but don’t worry if you are facing the same vlc building font cache error here below we have provided optimum solution for fixing vlc font cache rebuilt problem but before we proceed on it is better to understand why this happens.

What is the purpose of VLC Building Font Cache and Why does it happens ?

Usually this is observed while playing new media files or media streams and this rebuilding of font cache happens because VLC player tries to rebuilt font cache for displaying subtitles. Some user’s consider this as a vlc bug but this is not the case this problem depends upon lots of factors including your system hardware/software configuration too. The faster the system the faster vlc will work in building cache but you can get rid of this problem easily by following the below given simple procedure no matter which system you are using or whatever is your system configuration.

How to Fix VLC Building Font Cache Problem : Steps to Follow

Solution 1 :

Open your VLC Media Player and Go to Tools -> Preferences -> Click on the All radio button located at the bottom -> now from left hand side select Subtitles / OSD -> Under Subtitles / OSD select dummy font renderer as shown below -> That’s it save your selection.

How to fix VLC Building Font Cache problem

Solution 2 : (Recommended)

If you want to view the subtitles and at the same time want to get rid of this font cache rebuilt error you have to follow the below given steps.

  • Open RUN Dialog box by pressing Windows + R Key.
  • Here type %appdata% and and press Enter which will open a new explorer window.
  • There search for the VLC folder and delete that VLC folder.
  • That’s it and you are done. Now VLC will try to rebuild the font cache from scratch after which you will be able to play all your favorite media files smoothly in VLC.

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  1. I still have this problem even after switching it to dummy render


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