How to Disable UAC in Windows 7 : FIXED

UAC Stands for User Account Control and was first introduced in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Based Operating Systems with a motive of providing Full security to Windows by making Limitation for Normal User Privileges Until Autorized by the Administrator.They are Many Tasks that Requires UAC(User Account Control) like During Installation and Uninstallation […] Read More

Hide and Lock Files Windows Using Wise Folder Hider

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How to Encrypt Files in Linux or Windows 7

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Thumbs Database File Delete (Thumbs.db): FIXED

What are Thumbs Database File ? Thumbs Database Files represented as Thumbs.db are basically small files that generally stores thumbnails of Images,Video Clips,Documents or any other Graphics and thus generating Preview of these Files or Folders using the Thumbnail Caching.They can be found in any Windows Directory that Contains Thumbnails and these Thumbs.db files are […] Read More

How to Increase Utorrent Download Speed

µTorrent is basically a BitTorrent Client that allows you to Download Torrent Files Directly . Its size is very small though (Just Approx. 1MB) but it is filled with a lot of Good Features i.e bandwidth Priority,Scheduling Options,RSS Autodownloading etc and much more.µTorrent  is very UserFriendly and Very Simple and convenient to Use.UTorrent  is the Best […] Read More

Cannot Open Email Attachments in Outlook 2007,2010 – FIXED

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How to Check Motherboard Model

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Dual Booting With Windows 8

It is Seen that Most of the Users are facing Difficulties While Dual booting Other OS With Windows 8 So in this Post I am Going To tell You THREE Different Methods To FIX the Dual Booting Problem.Microsoft Windows 8 Uses a Whole New Metro Boot Loader Feature that was not used in Earlier Version […] Read More

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool Not Valid ISO File : FIXED

Microsoft ” Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool” allows you to Create Bootable Windows 7 or Windows 8 USB or DVD Drives from the ISO Image Files.It is superb tool to Create your own Bootable USB/DVD Drives from Microsoft Learn How to Make a Bootable USB Drive Windows 7/Windows 8 From Here But While Using this […] Read More