Far Cry 4 Save Game FIX | Save Game Location Windows PC

Far Cry 4 Save Game Far Cry 4 Save Game FIX : Far cry 4 is an action-adventure First Person Shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Far Cry 4 is developed on DUNIYA game engine. Best thing about far cry 4 is its immersive¬† beautiful open world Kyrat .Kyrat is simply stunning and the animals are the most realistic .Not […] Read More

Counter Strike Left Hand Problem FIXED : Switch to Right

Counter Strike left handed Counter Strike is a very popular First person shooter game especially when it comes to Online multiplayer gaming contests. Since its release in 1999 by Valve corporation it has managed to sold over 25 million units worldwide which is good enough to prove the popularity of Counter strike among the gamers. Counter strike offers a […] Read More

How to Turn off One Drive OR Sky Drive sync Windows 8.1

How to Turn off One drive Windows 8.1 The release of Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS brought various new interesting features and functionalities out of which one important feature was Sky Drive (now known as One Drive). Microsoft was expecting a lot from this cloud sync feature but unfortunately some users didn’t like this One Drive or Sky Drive because of […] Read More

Download Huawei Mobile Partner for Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Mac

Huawei Mobile Partner Huawei is world’s leading telecommunications equipment maker known especially for its usb data cards or usb modems or you can say usb dongles. Huawei is a Chinese company with its headquarters located at Shenzhen, Guangdong. Huawei has been offering telecommunications services since its inception in 1987 and has received very good positive response from its […] Read More

Micromax USB Modem Not Working Windows 8/8.1 FIXED

USB Modem Not working Micromax USB modems are now becoming more popular way of accessing Internet these days as compared to the physical wire based ADSL Internet setup. The best part of having USB modem is that you can have internet access anywhere from your Home, Office or even while traveling offering high data transfer speeds as well. USB modems […] Read More

Different Ways to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 8.1/8/7/XP

How to Turn off One drive Windows 8.1 Safe mode is an essential feature that Microsoft provides with all of its Windows operating systems which is nothing but a diagnostic mode of your system OS intended to fix most, if not all problems within an operating system. Safe mode comes very handy especially in case of Windows failure because there are many cases […] Read More

Direct X Offline Installer for Windows 7/8/8.1 Version 9,10,11

Direct X Offline installer Microsoft Direct X is basically a very essential component of the operating system which consists of a collection of various application programming interfaces i. APIs that are used for handling tasks which are based upon multimedia like games, videos etc. These APIs moslty start with Direct as prefix like Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectSound, and […] Read More

Brain Blink Review : Start Challenging your Brain and Friends

Download Brain Blink It’s a great feeling to introduce our first own developed android game known as Brain Blink a total brain teaser where you not only challenge your own concentration skills but can also compete with your friends by challenging them. Brain blink gameplay is completely unique and one of its kind offering a very addictive gameplay […] Read More