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Fix Unable to run bootsect to make the USB device bootable

Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool is one of the leading and top recommended software for creating bootable USB or DVD’s from Windows ISO image files. It allows you to create your desired choice of bootable USB/DVD drives as per the ISO files in a very easy and efficient manner without going through the usual […] Read More

How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in Android WiFi

There are situations when you might face issues while trying to connect your Android device to your WiFi network and once such common issue that is being reported by most of the android users is the problem of Obtaining IP Address Error While trying to connect to WiFi which is really a frustrating issue and […] Read More

How to Fix Svchost.exe No Disk Error in Windows 8.1/8/7/XP

There are cases when you often stuck facing Svchost.exe no disk error while working upon Windows platform no matter which Windows version are you using. Usually it has been found that this error often arises while removing pendrive or cd/dvd  in middle of a running process but you don’t need to worry much about this […] Read More

How to Download Torrents in College / Office / School

Torrents have always been one of the favorite choice for downloading files over Internet like movies, music, games, books etc at absolutely free of cost. You can find almost everything that you wish to download at torrents. Torrents provide a very good platform for sharing files across the world and to download these torrents you […] Read More

How to Make Whatsapp Free for Lifetime Best Tricks

Whatsapp has become the world’s most popular instant messaging service after the company announcing a huge 700 million monthly active users. Moreover Whatsapp is one of the fastest growing social networking platform beating facebook. Basically Whatsapp is completely free to use social app for the first year and if you are lucky you will get […] Read More

How to Remove Facebook Stickers from Comments

Facebook has recently rolled out some interesting changes and additional features to enhance the user’s experience out of which one popular and much awaited feature was allowing users to post stickers in comments, groups, events, timeline and much more. This was earlier limited to only Facebook Messenger but now everyone can spice up their facebook […] Read More

How to Change DNS in Android – Use Google / Open DNS

There are situations when you found your Internet connectivity very poor and slow resulting into increased web page loading time or in worst case almost dead Internet which can be quite embarrassing and it has been observed that most of the times such issues arises due to DNS server problems. What actually DNS does is […] Read More

How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender Antivirus : FIXED

How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender Antivirus : No doubt Bluestacks is one of the leading android emulator among all the other emulators available out there over Internet and frankly speaking it does deserves to be in top position. Personally speaking I have been using Bluestacks App player since its release because of my extreme […] Read More

How to Update Your Graphics Driver in Windows 8.1/7/XP

We normally keep on updating ourselves with latest news, technologies, current happenings and even our home or surroundings with latest gadgets, tools etc time to time but while keeping a pace with the changing world most of the users often forget to update their windows and its associated functions, drivers etc or try to be […] Read More