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How to Pin Eclipse to Windows Taskbar : Easy Way

Microsoft Windows taskbar in Windows 7 and later version of Windows offers great flexibility in running applications directly via taskbar shortcuts similar to like that of dock functions. You just need to drag and drop your favorite applications icons on your Windows taskbar so as to access them with simple one click. It is designed […] Read More

How to Turn Off Windows Updates in Windows 10

As you know that it has been almost one month since Windows 10 was rolled out as a result of which most of the users have already upgraded their systems to Windows 10 whereas some users are still in wait for upgrading their systems. Microsoft has introduced some drastic changes in Windows 10 settings that […] Read More

How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10 Easily

Fix Windows Script Host Error Windows Just few days more and Windows 10 would be officially available for Installation or Up-gradation from 29th July onwards. Microsoft has made few major changes to their upcoming Windows 10 and it would be really interesting to try them out one by one. Moreover Microsoft has announced free up-gradation to Windows 10 for all its […] Read More

How to Create Paypal Account in India : Online Money

Having a Paypal account is the first step towards making money online or if you are planning to start an online business. We are already much aware of services like credit card or debit card that is used for making payment online but what if we want to receive payment of our work especially from […] Read More

How to Create UEFI Bootable USB Media Easily : Rufus

There are some cases when you need to create UEFI enabled bootable USB media for installing new windows like while installing windows on laptops that come preinstalled with windows. Often changing the UEFI mode to Legacy mode helps but not always where you may get stuck facing error like Windows cannot be installed to this […] Read More

Is My Power Supply Bad ? – How to Check Power Supply on PC

How to Remove Windows.old Folder Looking for answer to Is my Power Supply Bad ? Then just go through this article once and all your doubts will get cleared : Power Supply aka PSU is one of the most essential component of every Desktop Computer PC which is responsible for supplying power to most of the components attached to motherboard […] Read More

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Outlook Easily

How to Remove Windows.old Folder How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Outlook : Saved contacts are one of the most important thing in every mobile and therefore considering the Importance of these saved phone contacts it is necessary to keep a backup of all of your phone contacts and Microsoft Outlook is regarded as one of the best and […] Read More

How to Play PSP Games on Android Device : PPSSPP

How to Play PSP Games on Android Device : Gaming Industry is on immense boom attracting millions of people of all ages world wide and is expected to continue at a much faster rate in upcoming years seeing the increased availability of games on android platform. With the launch of android platform thousands of small […] Read More

How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed : Best Ways

How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed : SITI Broadband claims to provide good Internet speed to its subscribers at the time of installation. But, when you test the actual the speed of your SITI Broadband, you will be surprised find out the actual speed which would be way slower than claimed by your ISP. […] Read More

How to Install Play Store MIUI 6 and Google Apps MIUI 6

How to Remove Windows.old Folder How to Install Play Store MIUI 6 and Install Google Apps MIUI 6 Xiaomi : Xiaomi one of the leading Chinese Electronics company has completely changed the lives of millions of people across the world especially in India after the launch of their cheap affordable Xiaomi Smartphone devices. All the Xiaomi devices that have been […] Read More