HTC One M9 Common Problems and Their Fixes

HTC One M9 Common Issues and their Fixes HTC One M9 Common problems and their fixes: HTC One M9 is the latest flagship device from the Taiwanese giant and is the successor of HTC One M8. HTC One M9 is a powerful device, yet it’s not immune to bugs and glitches. No matter what, errors are inevitable in almost every electronic device.  In […] Read More

Biometric authentication:  A New Wave Of Security

Biometric authentication isn’t just the stuff of spy movies anymore.  What is it?  Basically, the science of biometrics uses a person’s behavioural traits and physical characteristics as a method to confirm their identity to grant access to somewhere or something.  It is like a one-of-a-kind password based on your body’s physiology.  Today, biometrics are widely […] Read More

Best Android Smartphones under Rs 5000 September 2015

Lenovo A2010 Best Android Smartphones under Rs 5000 September 2015: Looking for some great smartphones under Rs 5000 budget? Well, in today’s round we will be looking at some of the best budget Android and Windows Phones to buy under Rs 5000 in India. The 2015 witnessed the flood of smartphone launches in India. The smartphones were […] Read More

How to Find Windows Product Key in Windows.old

How to Remove Windows.old Folder How to Retrieve Windows Product Key from Windows.old folder : As we know that in order to Upgrade earlier version of Windows to newer version it requires an active Internet connection so as to download the required windows files from Microsoft server which is quite frustrating unless you are having a very high speed Internet […] Read More

How to Pin Eclipse to Windows Taskbar : Easy Way

Microsoft Windows taskbar in Windows 7 and later version of Windows offers great flexibility in running applications directly via taskbar shortcuts similar to like that of dock functions. You just need to drag and drop your favorite applications icons on your Windows taskbar so as to access them with simple one click. It is designed […] Read More

Xiaomi Mi4i Common Problems and Fixes : Best Guide

Xiaomi Mi4i Common Problems and Fixes: Xiaomi announced its Android powered smartphone Xiaomi Mi4i in India few months ago. It is said to the cheaper variant Xiaomi Mi4. With the launch of the smartphone, Xiaomi indeed created buzz in the Indian market. However, now it looks like the company was not able to really live […] Read More

Meizu MX5 Review | Exclusive Sale via Snapdeal

Miezu MX5 Review Meizu MX5 Review: Meizu has officially announced its flagship smartphone Meizu MX5 in India recently. The smartphone went on sale through flash sale and as expected it was out of stock soon after the sale begin. This is normal with the smartphones, which are put on sale through flash sale. They go out of stock as […] Read More

How to Turn Off Windows Updates in Windows 10

As you know that it has been almost one month since Windows 10 was rolled out as a result of which most of the users have already upgraded their systems to Windows 10 whereas some users are still in wait for upgrading their systems. Microsoft has introduced some drastic changes in Windows 10 settings that […] Read More

Fix Google Play Store Error 923 While Downloading or Updating Apps

Fix Google Play Store Error 923 Fix Google Play Error 923 While Installing or Updating Apps:  Android forums on the Internet are full of users complaining about one or another error they have been facing in their Android phone. One such error is Google Play error 923 that occurs while updating your apps. The error could be frustrating at times when […] Read More

Lenovo A2010 Review Launched @Rs 4,990 Only

Lenovo A2010 Price and Review Lenovo A2010: India’s most affordable 4G LTE phone is here in the form of Lenovo A2010. Lenovo launched the A2010 in India few days ago and instantly the phone created buzz in the phone world. And why not? It looks like one of the most promising 4G LTE smartphone available in the Indian market. The Lenovo […] Read More