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How to Setup a VPN Server in Windows 7

How to Protect your work data VPN means Virtual Private Network which is basically a process of establishing a Virtual Connection between two points by using dedicated connection or Encryption or both of them.It allows the sharing of the resources present in the Private network to be extended upto Public network for example Internet.A virtual Private Network allows sharing of data […] Read More

How to Download Play Store Apps on PC

Google Play store previously known as Android Market is a place of application distribution for the devices based on Android Platform.Google Play store allows you to download and browse music,movies,books,games and applications developed by google for Android Devices.Some applications are Paid whereas as some are available for free of cost. You can directly buy the […] Read More

How to Reset BIOS Password

Reset or Remove BIOS Password BIOS means Basic Input/output System and it is the first software that runs on the computer when it is powered ON. The main function of BIOS is to initialize and test all the hardware components attached to the computer and to load an operating system. It is located on a […] Read More

How to Convert Basic Disk into Dynamic Disk in Windows 7

Windows 7 provides Flexible options for the conversion of Basic Disk into Dynamic Disk using the Disk Management Utility Software.Before You convert Basic Disk into Dynamic Disk you must Note the Following Points.Basic Disks are mostly used in Personal Computers whereas Dynamic Disks are used in IT Industry field related computers.Know more about What are […] Read More

Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk Difference

  What are Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk ? Basic Disk : Primary Partition,Extended Partition,Logical Drives Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk are generally the two types of hard disk configuration in Microsoft Windows.A Basic Disk Consists of Primary Partition that is used for the storage of Windows Files , Extended Partition and Logical drives for […] Read More

Pack name is invalid error : FIXED

This is a very common problem that is faced by most of the users while using the Disk Management Utility in Windows Vista , Windows 7 or in Windows 8.You might face an error like “pack name is invalid” while converting Basic Disk into Dynamic Disk using the Windows Disk management Utility and is a […] Read More

How to Disable Windows 8 Lock screen

Microsoft Windows 8 comes with all new Start Screen instead of the old start menu used in previous versions of Windows that features a Lock screen property very similar to the Touch Screen Smartphone’s.Screen lock feature looks great on any smartphone and is very essential but when it comes to use in Desktops and laptops […] Read More

Setting Up Port Forwarding in Windows 7

Port forwarding generally means redirecting the computer signals to follow some specific path into your computer.Port forwarding is done to host online games and allow remote access to the computers.It intercepts the traffic bound for a certain IP and Port configuration and then redirects to some different IP or port.Port forwarding allows remote computers to […] Read More

Disable and Re-Enable Windows 8 Metro Boot loader Feature

Microsoft Windows 8 offers a whole new boot loader with Metro UI also known as “IMMERSIVE BOOT MENU” that is far better and more advanced boot menu than the previous versions of Microsoft Windows that tends to use a simple text based boot menu without any Graphics based user interface .It offers Repair and error […] Read More

Dell Alienware M14x : Portable Gaming Laptop

Dell Alienware M14x :Review Gaming laptops have taken the hardware specifications to a New level and Dell Alienware M14x is one of them a very powerful gaming laptop. Dell has updated the Alienware M14x with a whole new hardware specification powered by latest Intel Ivy-Bridge processors . Alienware M14x is the fastest 14 inch Gaming […] Read More