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Windows 8 Restart and Shutdown Problems : FIXED

If you have recently purchased the new Microsoft Windows 8 and are happy with its performance then you might Experience some weird Windows 8 Restart and Shutdown Problems.You may experience Windows 8 starting itself after the Login screen appears on display.You may also experience computer hang during the shutdown and reboot process. These problems are […] Read More

Samsung Series 9 Portable Ultrabooks

Samsung series 9 Ultrabooks Samsung has brought a new revolution in the field of Ultrabooks with their New series 9 Ultrabooks the Fastest Ultrabooks in the Universe .Samsung Series 9 Ultrabooks are very sleek in design , lighter , thinner and the fastest ultrabooks powered by latest Intel 3rd Generation Ivy – Bridge processors ( […] Read More

SSD VS HDD : Head to Head Comparison

SSD VS HDD We all are aware of HDD (Hard disk) that is used as a storage media for storing valuable data . SSD known for Solid state Drives works in the similar way as the hard disk used for storing the data but with greater accessing Read and Write speeds as compared to HDD. […] Read More

Computer turns on automatically when plugged in – FIXED

This is a very rare case that some users experience that the computer turns on automatically when plugged in .The computer turns on automatically when plugged in without pressing the Startup switch located in the cabinet.This type of problem can prove to be very disastrous for your computer as it can create severe problems for […] Read More

Audio Normalization and Audio Out of sync Fix in VLC Media Player

Audio Normalization and Audio Out of sync Fix Audio Normalization is a process of achieving constant audio volume during watching video clips or movies that includes Loud explosion effects ,music etc . So audio normalization becomes necessary for such kind of video clips or movies in order to prevent adjusting the volume again and again […] Read More

Top Rated Free Antivirus Software 2013

Antivirus is a software that protects the computer from potentially harmful threats (virus,adware,trojans etc).With increasing harmful threats Antivirus has become a part of every computer system to ensure full security but Everyone cannot afford to buy a licensed full antivirus because of their high price So various companies have launched Free versions of their antivirus […] Read More

How to transfer data Between two computers Using LAN : IP Messenger

Connecting two computers using LAN is very often needed in order to transfer valuable data or play multiplayer Games at very high speeds.Files can be transferred and shared at very high speed using the LAN Wire.Transferring data or sharing the data via LAN can sometimes become uncomfortable when you get some errors like “Host unreachable” […] Read More

HP G6 2301AX : Budget Gaming Laptop

HP G6 2301AX :Review HP has recently launched budget gaming lifestyle laptops under Rs40,000 and HP g6 2301ax is in one of them.This laptop comes with preinstalled Microsoft Windows 8. It is a very powerful gaming laptop in terms of its harware specifications.It is a very classy machine that can be used for daily purposes […] Read More

Windows 8 No device Drivers were found : FIXED

Windows 8 No device Drivers were found Fix This is a very rare problem that some users face during the installation of Microsoft Windows 8 During the installation of windows 8 you might face an error something like this ” No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, […] Read More