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How to Fix Error Code 80048264 in Windows Phone

How to Fix Error Code 80048264 in Windows Phone: If you have been using  a Windows Phone then you might have come across above given error in your Windows Phone. Windows Phone is the third most popular smartphone OS in terms of market share and is gaining popularity with its low-end devices. Windows Phone 8 […] Read More

Best Download Manager for Android 2015 : Top Latest

Android smartphones are the most popular smartphone OS and rules on large chunk of smartphone market. For every need there are hundreds of apps available on Google Play Store. Some are free apps with in app purchase and some are premium app which users required to buy. However, after purchasing your Android smartphone, one of […] Read More

How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed : Best Ways

How to Increase SITI Broadband Internet Speed : SITI Broadband claims to provide good Internet speed to its subscribers at the time of installation. But, when you test the actual the speed of your SITI Broadband, you will be surprised find out the actual speed which would be way slower than claimed by your ISP. […] Read More

Best Free Android Emulators for Windows PC : Latest

Android emulators are popular among Windows users who wants to run Android apps and games on their Windows PC. Android emulators makes it easier for those people who wants to run or test Android apps and games without an Android device.  So, if you own a Windows PC, you can make use of Best free […] Read More

Fix Windows Phone Downloading Application Error 8000ffff

Fix Windows Phone downloading application error code 8000ffff If you are a Windows Phone user then you might have come across downloading application error code 8000ffff while you trying to download apps from the Windows Phone store or when you try to restore your Windows Phone using a backup you face issue for some of the installed apps. What worse is that your […] Read More

Best Download Manager for Mac OS X 2015 : Latest

Best Download Manager for Mac OS X 2015 : If you have been on Windows before switching to Mac OS X, you might have known the king of download manager known as Internet Download Manager for Windows. Undoubtedly, Internet Download Manager is still the best download manager you can get for Windows PC. However, now that you […] Read More

How to Download Music from SoundCloud : Best ways

Best Ways on How to Download Music from SoundCloud.com : Sound Cloud is one of the most popular music sharing service which allows its users to record, upload and download voice recording or songs and share them with their friends or fans on social media platform. By default, Sound Cloud comes with support for download […] Read More

Free Mobile Recharge Tricks for Android 2015 : Apps

Who does not want free recharge? Well, all of us would love to have free recharge on our smartphones. However, there is nothing as Free in this world, you need to do one difficult task before you can get free recharge on your Android device. And that difficult task is to download below mentioned apps […] Read More

How to Run Powershell as Administrator in Windows 10

Windows  10 is the latest version of Microsoft OS and is expected to be available for public use anytime soon. Microsoft Windows 10 comes with Windows PowerShell feature which one can use instead of using Command prompt. Command Prompt in Windows is pretty much known to every one, but the PowerShell is still a new thing […] Read More

Shorte.st Review 2015 : Best Link Shortener to Make Money

Link Shortener or URL shortener are the best ways to promote your links on social media and other websites. URL Shorteners comes handy for the publishers who want to share their content url with their readers, but don’t want to post the entire link of their content. Shorted urls are easier to keep track of […] Read More