How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM : Faster and High Speed

Have Your Every thought of Downloading Torrent Files Using IDM (Internet Download Manger) ? – If Not , Read this Post to Download Torrent Files Using IDM at Very High Download Speed. How to boost and Increase your internet speed You don’t need to Worry anymore About the Seeds and Leechers of the Torrent Files.Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you a Simple Way to Download Torrent Files Using IDM Through an Online Bit-torrent Client ZBIGZ Which Provides Two types of Downloading Options i.e Free User and Premium User.Free User Account is Having Few Restrictions like Maximum Download Speed 150kbps Whereas For Premium User Account There is No Such type of Restriction in Download Speed You can Download at Unlimited Speed.Here Below are Some Key Features of ZBIGZ Bit Torrent Client IDM Has been registered with a Fake Serial number!!! FixDownload Torrent Files Using IDM

Key Features of ZBIGZ BitTorrent Client

  • No Need to Install and Configure – You can Easily Download Your Files through Web Browser Directly
  • Almost Every Content is Available For Download – You Get access to all Kinds of Files i.e Movies,Music,Applications,Games etc
  • Completely Anonymous Downloading – Safe and Secure Connection Protected with HTTPS Protocol
  • Remote downloading – No Need to Keep Your PC Turned On While Slow Torrents are in Progress.
  • Fastest Bit Torrent Application – Download Files at Amazing Speed

Download Torrent Files Using IDM  : Steps to Follow

  • First Of all You Need to Download the Torrent File or You Can Copy the Magnet Link For that Torrent File
  • Now Go To ZBIGZ Website and Upload or Paste the Magnet Link of the Torrent File that you want to Download and Click on Go as Shown below in the ImageDownload Torrent Files Using IDM
  • Now It Will ask You to Choose Your Account Type i.e Free or Premium as shown below in the Image or You Can also Create Free Account and then after Logging in You can Download Your Torrent Files How to Play Android Games on PC – BlueStacksDownload Torrent Files Using IDM
  • Select Free and Wait For the Full Caching of the Torrent File It usually takes less than a Minute to Cache the Torrent File as shown below in the ImageDownload Torrent Files Using IDM
  • After the Caching is Completed You Will See an Option to Download as Zip file as shown below in the ImageDownload Torrent Files Using IDM
  • Click on the Zip Icon and Your File Downloading Will begin Shortly



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65 thoughts on “How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM : Faster and High Speed

  1. how to Copy the Magnet Link For that Torrent File???

    • If You are Using Kickass For Downloading Your Torrent Files then in the Left Side of the Download Torrent Button You will See a Magnet like Button and there Do a Right Click and Select Copy Link Location or Link Address and You are all Done…Now You have The Magnetic Link of the Torrent File…

  2. Hey.! I did everything as you said but it’s taking a long time to cache..what should I do??

    • Hii Rohit

      As you mentioned that it takes long time to Cache therefore it is Due to the Torrent File that you are downloading So make Sure that it has Good number of Seeders and Peers i.e The Torrent is Healthy and if You still face this Problem try Using a Different Browser….

  3. I did as you said.. and yes you are correct .. it just took a little while to cache because of the seed and peers.. but in the end I successfully download a 2GB file within 7 hours at 88kbps.. which on torrent took me about 48 hours.. thanks a lot .. you saved a lot of my time.. thank you 🙂

  4. Arpit tejawat says:

    As per your said, i am downloading the movie from zbigz. But after pressing the .zip button, it is asking me for free or premium account. As per your guidlines i am clcking on free account but after that it displays as zipping complete and after that it stops automatically. How could i come to know about either the movie is downloading or not? what should i do? help me….

    • As you said the Zipping is completed therefore you just need to click on the .Zip icon as shown in the Image in the Post….According to your default Download Manager it will ask you to Download the File and there select Start Download and your file downloading will start shortly….

  5. Hey,
    The caching speed is as low as 350 B/s.. my torrent is giving me in 40kBps.. also can use this site by using a proxy server… my idm gives a speed upto 3mBps while downloading using proxy server

    • Make Sure that your Torrent is healthy i.e having Good number of Seeders and Peers so that it can be cached fast by zbigz….If still problem persists try using a Different Browser….

  6. ur good

  7. Hey hi Pankaj, How ru?
    U have a great knowledge on the latest generation technology. I appreciate for that.
    I have a small query, My download speed in Utorrent is very slow. So i am downloading movie through ZBIGZ, the only problem with this is when every i have a network connection problem, i need to download the movie from beginning again. Can u please help me in shorting this issue.
    Thanks in advance.
    You rock.

    • Glad to Hear that You liked My Website…Are You Downloading Torrents with IDM Because IDM allows you to Resume Your Download at anytime without any Problem…Allow some time to Download atleast 10-20% of the File before Network Connection Failure….

      • Hey hi, Thank u so much for the fast reply. Can u please explain me how to download from IDM? Can u send me the link to download IDM?

        • Check Your Gmail I have Sent You Link to Download IDM and After Downloading Follow the Steps Given in the Post….

      • Pankaj, Can u tell how to convert Torrent to Magnetic link, As per ur previous replies i have seen that only Kissass Torrents provide magnetic link. Is there any software to convert torrents to magnetic links?

        • If You are Unable to Get the Magnet Link Just Download the Torrent File and Upload it on ZBIGZ it is Very Easy and Simple…..

        • Hey Pankay, is there any limited download in zbigz free user? I am unable to cache torrent. Can u please help me?

          • Yup You Can Download Files upto 8 GB Only as a Free User……If You have any problem in Caching the Torrent Try Using a Different Browser it will fix your Problem….

        • use bytebx……it is like zbigz but you are able to store more than 2 files

  8. thanks……a lot

  9. thanx its working

  10. Pankaj thanks for sharing this information with us .
    Can u please tell how to download through IDM after zipping tthe file in ZBIGZ.

    • After Caching of Your Torrent File Just Click on the ZIP Icon and Your File Downloading will begin Shortly…

  11. kaushal pandya says:

    hi Pankaj ..
    Are you aware about any browser with integrate torrent client for Android …?i mean no separate torrent client apk needed

    • No I am not very much aware about this I too Used to Use tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client Android App in My Smartphone

  12. plz tell me how to get a free premium account in ZBIGZ.COM,or give me a premium account creator

  13. rakesh gosain says:

    Thanks for telling how to open zipped files ,,I dont have idm software with serial key.Can u send me the link to download IDM? and steps how to use

  14. I do it caching doesnt completed ..i waited for 5-8 minutes …?

    • Make Sure Torrent You are Downloading is having good peers or also try using a Different Browser…..It will fix your Problem

  15. bhai thanks ek dum solid hai boss thanks for giving new ideas to public thank you very much bhai…

  16. Hey Thank U For This Info. After Catching I Clicked On Download. After That A Zip File Started To Download,But No Progress…Only Shows 1 Day Left.
    I Am Downloading FIFA 10(2.6 GB),I Ve Low Internet Connection. Pls Help Me.

    • You Must have a Good Internet Connection For Downloading these Files….Also Try Using a Different Browser For Caching the Torrent File and then Click on Zip File Button….

  17. when we opened the torrent site which link is best for download fast… magnetic link or download torrent file???

  18. kota sudhakar says:


  19. Hey Pankaj tht was a great idea for me i…

    Thankx a lot….

  20. I did as you said, but when i’m clicking on download button, instead of downloading from idm the video is directly downloading in google chrome itself. help me grab that download in idm!

  21. but i cant download files more than 1 Gb !!!! what do i have to do

  22. hey bro…
    when am click on download option after caching process is done…
    its give an option of free and premium……
    but on clicking free its take too much time and then its shows “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to”
    what should do……

  23. i want to download assasins creed 3 which is 8.5gb.
    can i download it as free member?????

  24. hiiiii pankaj , i got a note that i cannot download a file morethan 1GB from this ZBIGZ is there any other way to download desired files that are more than 1GB??? help me plz

  25. is it possible to download a certain file within a torrent. for example a torrent that has many file and i only want to download 1 file only

  26. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    zbigz cannot download file bigger than 1 gb how can it possible that i can download file more than 1 gb.

  27. HimanshU Sharma says:

    hey will it realy increase my downloading speed? As i hv tried a lot but now i wanted to be sure?
    thnk u..

  28. Amanat Pathy says:

    hey pankaj, in zbigz its showing i can download at max 1gb torrent file as a free user. is it possible to download more than 1gb file as a free user.. plz do suggest

  29. aristotle paul says:

    it is really helping me

  30. pankaj i want to knw that free acount gives less download speed right…………………but does premium account really gives high speeds like 400 to 500 kbps or above may be…

  31. Hi there, thank you for your instructions, they are of great help. May I know whether or not there are other websites that are free and have faster speed than ZbigZ?

  32. Thank you Pankaj. You’re amazing !!

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