How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender Antivirus : FIXED

How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender Antivirus : No doubt Bluestacks is one of the leading android emulator among all the other emulators available out there over Internet and frankly speaking it does deserves to be in top position. Personally speaking I have been using Bluestacks App player since its release because of my extreme interest towards android applications and my journey with bluestacks has been quite interesting thus far where i came across different situations and learned a lot during this phase. I have found bluestacks as the best and most reliable android emulator with minimum error rate. Bluestacks App player is well suited for majority of the android applications and games as well. During these recent years bluestacks has grown so much that it has become a necessity for most of the users across the world like Microsoft Word, Adobe reader etc. Moreover I have been writing various tutorials on Bluestacks focusing specially on the issues that are faced by the users while running or installing bluestacks on their systems and therefore once again here I am going to tell how to install bluestacks with Bit defender. So here below is a complete step by step tutorial on some of the best ways on How to install bluestacks with bitdefender.  Check below fixes on How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender antivirus.

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How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender : Best Fixes

Before I proceed on it is important to note that the whole issue is concerned with the Bitdefender antivirus utility and this has been going for over 2 years and till now no appropriate solution has been come thus far from the Bitdefender side keeping thousands of bitdefender users disappointing. Bitdefender users were reported saying “Error 25001. You seem to have bitdefender antivirus installed. Bluestacks is currently not compatible with bitdender. Installation will now abort” while trying to install bluestacks on their system. Therefore to help those users I have mentioned few important suggestions that they can follow in order to install bluestacks along with bitdefender antivirus.  Check below fixes on How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender antivirus.

How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender - Error

Note : Important

This is a major issue with Bitdefender so you need to be patient and calm. Also there is no guarantee that the below given methods will work 100% for you but still you can give them a try and check if that helps or not. Check below fixes on How to Install Bluestacks with Bitdefender antivirus.

Method – 1 : Best Solution (Verified by most of the Users)

Over Internet you would find people suggesting to add an exclusion of bluestacks in Bitdefender or try to disable bitdefender while installing bluestacks and but honestly speaking i haven’t found any one successful with these methods and therefore if you have already tried those methods and they didn’t worked out for you also then i would suggest you try the following fix.

Note – The below given method is not a very unique or different it is just a usual way of fixing this and the following method has a very high success rate as reported by most of the users.

  • First of all Completely remove all Bitdefender products from your system and for this you can either remove them manually or use bitdefender product uninstaller.
  • After complete uninstall Get the latest bluestacks version ( I would suggest you to go for the Bluestacks Offline installer) and now try installing it.

Note – Please Use this Modified Bluestacks Offline Installer

  • After having installed bluestacks successfully it is the time to get the latest Bitdefender 2015 and install it on your system.
  • Now you can run bluestacks along with bitdefender and possibly this time you will no longer have to face bluestacks compatibility issues.

Note – Also in case bitdefender tries to block bluestacks try disabling bitdefender and then running bluestacks once again hope this helps.

Method – 2 : Editing Bluestacks Installer (Not Verified)

This is an alternative solution for installing bluestacks along with bitdefender though i have not tested this neither i have heard of any successful views but still i would suggest you to try the following fix and if you are lucky enough this will fix your trouble.

  • First of all download the Bluestacks Offline Installer Version. – Click to Download
  • Now extract bluestacks installer msi file with Uni extractor and open the extracted folder.
  • Install instedit and open Bluestacks msi with instedit and select InstallExecuteSequence from the left hand side.
  • From right side select CheckAV and set its value in between 50 to 100.
  • Save the package and make sure to rename it with the original package name.

Alternatively : Use this Already Modified Bluestacks Offline Installer

  • That’s it try installing bluestacks from this installer and possible this time you will no longer face the same error hopefully…Thanks

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  1. Method 2 also works, just tried it and installed it without any hassles.
    Worked successfully for me

  2. thank you for your help! i using now blue stacks with my bit defender.


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