How to Make USB Storage Devices Read Only : FIXED

USB devices are the Most Popular Storage Devices used for transferring data from One Computer to Another but Nowadays because of Increasing Viruses or Malwares USB Storage Devices are becoming Highly vulnerable to these threats.One of the Most Effective Method to Prevent the Spreading of these Viruses or Malwares in USB Storage Devices is to Make them Read Only in order to prevent their execution and thus preventing them from spreading.So Here in this Post I am going to Tell you the Whole Procedure to Make USB Storage Devices Read Only so as to ensure full security of USB Storage Devices.

Benefits of Making USB Storage Devices Read Only

  • As discussed Above the Main Reason of Making USB Storage Device Read Only is to Prevent the USB Devices from Viruses or Malwares
  • Making USB Devices Read Only Prevents the Data from being Stolen i.e Prevents Unauthorized Access
  • Data Present in the USB Storage Device Cannot be Modified

How to Make USB Storage Devices Read Only : Different Methods

Using Registry Editor

  • First of all You Need to Open Windows Registry Editor therefore to Open it Press Windows + R to Open RUN and type ‘regedit’
  • Now Search For the Following Key


  • Now Create a New DWORD 32-BIT Value Key and Name it as “Read Only” and Assign its Value as 1
  • That’s all and You are Done and Now All your Connected USB Storage Devices will be accessed in Read Only Mode

Note – If you want to Change the Settings to Default Mode Change the Value of the Key “Read Only” to 0

Using Third Party Software’s

If you don’t Want to Edit Windows Registry then You can Try Some Freeware Utilities to Make your USB Storage Devices Read Only.Here Below are Some Tools that You can Use to Make your USB Storage Devices Read Only


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  1. thanks dude for good information

  2. Good info. But i have some other requirement.
    i want to tag a USB drive to a specific laptop. means that drive will work only when connected to that system.
    one way of achieving is through encrypting using MAC address of system without manual intervention in entering the key.

  3. great one man…


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