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How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in Android WiFi

There are situations when you might face issues while trying to connect your Android device to your WiFi network and once such common issue that is being reported by most of the android users is the problem of Obtaining IP Address Error While trying to connect to WiFi which is really a frustrating issue and therefore to help you out here I have mentioned some appropriate fixes that you can apply to your android device so as to deal with this Obtaining IP Address error. But before we proceed on it is important to know what is actually causing this error and how we can remove it forever.

Reasons for facing Obtaining IP Address Error in Android :

Generally this error is caused by either due to IP Address conflicts with other devices attached to the same WiFi network or when the WiFi router is unable to assign appropriate IP address to your android device. Therefore looking at the causes it is clear that by assigning the IP Address manually we can easily sort out this problem and the complete step by step solution for assigning static IP address is mentioned below that you may read and make suitable changes to your android device.

How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in Android WiFI Problem : Steps to Follow

Now depending upon your installed android os version the steps to fix obtaining ip address error in android problem varies as per your andrid version. Therefore here below I have mentioned proper solution one for android devices using Android version upto Android 4.0 and the other one for android devices working upon Android 4.1 and later versions so proceed according.

For Android Devices Upto Android Version 4.0 : Steps to Follow

  • Open your Phone Settings -> Go to Wireless and Networks -> Enable your WiFi and Get Connected to your WiFi by entering your WiFi security credentials.
  • Press Menu button and Select Advance -> Scroll down and Under IP Settings -> Select Static IP

  • Here Under Static IP just enter any IP address For Example you may enter – as shown below in the screen shot.

Note – Make sure that you assign a unique IP Address to your device such that it shouldn’t conflict with other devices connected to the same network.

For Android Devices Using Android 4.1 and Later Version : Steps to Follow

  • Open your Phone Settings -> Go to WiFi -> Enable your WiFi and Get Connected to your WiFi by entering your WiFi security credentials.
  • Here just long tap on your connected WiFi network and Select Modify Network -> Scroll down a bit and select Advanced options.

  • Scroll down bit more and you will now see two more options i.e Proxy and IP Settings and Here Under IP Settings Select Static and that’s it just provide any unique IP Address for example – and tap on Save.

  • That’s it and you will no longer face the same issue. If you any doubts regarding the same please feel free to share your experience by commenting below…Thanks

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