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Lava Iris X1 Quick Review : Perfect Smartphone to buy

Lava Iris X1 is truly an amazing smartphone to buy for just Rs 7,999 only with one of the best sturdy and stunning design at such an affordable price range. Apart from the eye catching looks Lava Iris X1 has got wonderful system specifications that makes it worth every penny you spend on it. It […] Read More

How to Get Admission in Engineering Colleges PTU ?

The most important motive of students working so hard throughout their academic life is to accomplish their dreams and make it big in the world some day. Thus once they are done with the secondary exams they take the most crucial step towards their career which is nothing but getting admission in the most appropriate […] Read More

VithU App Review : A Must Have Safety App for every Women

After Witnessing some horrible crimes and events associated with women during past few years especially in India has put a strong question mark on Women Safety which needs an appropriate answer from the desired government and public so that such incidents can be completely eliminated from our society and country thereby ensuring maximum safety for […] Read More

File Optimizer Review : Free File Compression and Optimization Tool

Today in this article I am going to let you familiar with one of the most amazing and a must have tool for every user especially for those who often deals in sharing media files online known as Free Optimizer that provides the best lossless optimization and recompression for a wide range of file formats […] Read More

HTC One M8 Review : Is it worth Upgrading!!! Let’s find out

HTC is well known and appreciated for designing premium Smartphone’s that they have been constantly delivering for past few years and last year’s HTC One was one of them, their best-selling and most-awarded handset till now but for past few months they have undergone worst phases accounting huge loses falling market share with repeated loss-making […] Read More Review : Best Free File Streaming Service is a new yet very powerful file streaming service that offers premium Cloud Storage service in addition of providing ability to download data or media from popular networks including Torrents as well.Cloud storage has become the most reliable and trusted form of data storage where you no longer need to worry about losing your […] Read More

Google to Launch Improved Android Camera App Soon : Report Says

As per the latest reports received from Engadget states that all the Android Users may see a series of new features with lots of improvements on their devices’ stock camera app shortly.It has been reported that Google is currently working upon the development and improvement of their default Stock Android App and hopefully we could […] Read More

Mashshare Plugin Review : Best Sharing Plugin inspired by Mashable

Do you own a WordPress Site or Blog looking for all in one sharing plugin for your blog ? – If yes, then here I have something for you that you would definitely find Interesting and helpful for sure. Today in the era of widely increasing Social Networking it becomes pretty useful for sharing Information […] Read More